LinkedIn has 562 million users, and of this total 40% access the platform every day, so their data is promising. This social network is aimed at companies, so a good part of the profiles correspond to professionals from all over the world , specifically one in three has an account. For these reasons, your company cannot turn its back on LinkedIn, since it is the best social network to generate purchase opportunities . In this regard, it should be noted that most LinkedIn users use the platform for business purposes, which makes it key to your marketing strategy.

With a company page on LinkedIn you can make your brand known in a simple way, as well as the job opportunities that exist in your company. To obtain the best results, it is essential to have a strategic plan , as is the case in all social networks, but always tailored. Having a business strategy will allow you to reap all the benefits. If you do not have a Costa rica whatsapp number list strategy, it will be very difficult to obtain the benefits of creating a company page on LinkedIn. When developing it, it is important to focus on how to get the most out of it, leaving aside the idea of ​​​​getting a high number of followers.

Having A Business Strategy

For this, it is essential to establish some objectives. It is important to have them marked from the beginning to know if you reach them. For this, it is best to be clear about what you would like to achieve within this social network. Such as positioning yourself as a leader in your sector, finding candidates for your industry…etc. It is important that you are clear that the fact of creating. A company page on LinkedIn is not synonymous with. Numerous people starting to follow you, since to achieve professional success on this platform you have to be constant. Know how to address your audience taking into account account various factors.


To start, the ideal is that you encourage your company’s employees to follow the brand’s page. Since they are one of the best resources to increase your audience. This is because employees have a higher number of first-degree connections than any company page. It is also important to take care of the content you publish. It is that the increase in followers will depend on it. As well as keeping them. The ideal is to offer articles or updates of the company on a frequent basis. The recommendation is at least once a week. The contents appear on your page and in the feed of your followers.

The Analysis Of Results Is Essential

Another very useful tool to establish relationships with other industry. Leaders is to share articles from external sources, even if it is not content created by your team. This also shows that you are aware of what is happening in the industry, something that many followers value positively. Including audiovisual content is also more than recommended, because even if we are in a professional social network. It is important that the content stands out from the rest. For this you can use images or videos from your YouTube channel. Since LinkedIn allows you to integrate links that are reproduced automatically.

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