The purchase tunnel refers to all the steps taken by the Internet user before carrying out an action on your website. This is often represented in the shape of a funnel and includes different phases including the reception, the product or service page, the filling of the form and the Sweden Phone Number List of registration or the validation of the shopping cart as part of the process. ‘an e-commerce. Means of conversion par excellence, your tunnel must be particularly neat to prevent the contact from leaving your site without having performed an action. To help you optimize the Internet user’s purchasing path, here are 6 techniques to put in place.

The objective of the optimized purchase tunnel is to put all the chances on your side to help Internet users make their choice . To do this, it is essential to first know the needs of your visitors. Once the expectations of Internet users have been identified, you must integrate them into the creation of your tunnel. This requires the insertion of keywords used by your target, but also a good user experience and ergonomics.

What information will they want to find before registering or leaving their contact details? What is the design that will capture their attention and encourage them to visit your website in depth? How to link the contents so that they guide them in the decision-making process and lead them to the final action? It is by answering these questions that you will be able to set up your Inbound Marketing methods , to create an efficient purchase tunnel.

Place optimized call-to-action along the conversion path

An integral part of your Inbound Marketing strategy, the call-to-action is an essential element in the conversion process. On each page of your website, you must leave two choices to the visitor: continue to inform themselves or take a specific action . As soon as he has finished viewing a page, he must do something other than leaving your site! You will therefore need to use an optimized, distinctive and easily clickable call-to-action button. Use promising terms (“Go!”, “I order my book” …) to capture the attention of the Internet user.


3. Offer a win-win exchange to stand out
To convince Internet users to go to the end of the buying tunnel, it is essential to offer them something in return . As part of a service, you can offer to download a white paper , to subscribe to the newsletter, to benefit from a free mini training or a trial offer in exchange for his contact details. If you have an e-commerce site, an additional gift for a certain purchase amount or free shipping are elements that will push the user to go to the end.

Optimize your landing pages

As we have seen previously, Inbound Marketing is a win-win method and this aspect must be felt throughout the visitor’s navigation. The content marketing is a central aspect in the purchase tunnel . Offering qualitative and targeted content not only helps to attract the attention of the Internet user, but also to reassure him about your skills. Throughout his visit, he must clearly understand what you have to sell, the interest in buying your products or joining your services, what this will change for him and how your services will respond to your problems. . The more information you give him to convince him, the more you will push him to the final phase: the purchase. Your content is like your commercial agent.

A landing page is a key factor in the call-to-action process. It allows the Internet user to validate an action. This is the grand finale of the visitor’s journey and the moment or never to convert them into a prospect . To this end, the message integrated into your landing page must be clear, concise and direct. Your content must offer the user what he needs, without wasting his time. At this stage, he has normally understood the ins and outs of your offer.

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