The lead nurturing , which could be translated as “maturation of leads,” is a concept that often clings to the Inbound Marketing . An evolving technique, it helps you educate your more or less qualified contacts, through a Luxembourg Phone Number List that is essentially based on personalized emailing. Its goal is to subtly and intelligently support your prospects through the different stages of the purchasing cycle. Since most of these emails are automated, we will link to this notion that of marketing automation . In other words, automated marketing that will improve the maturity of your prospects!

The number of subscribers
Obviously, the quantity of subscribers is less important than their quality. Otherwise, it would be enough to buy followers, likers and other subscribers en masse and voila! However, if a small community that adheres is better, it is still interesting to know its progression curve. If the subscriptions are to be natural, they must be present all the same. It is a basic indicator, which allows you to measure your audience and position yourself in relation to competitors. Your progress will also tell you if you are on the right track. Indeed, the fact of having additional subscribers on a regular basis shows that you publish interesting content, which encourages people to follow you. Conversely, if you see that your audience is stagnating, it can be smart to ask questions about the nature of your posts and see how to energize them.

A contact or a lead is not yet a customer

Sales techniques have changed a lot and today, the customer is no longer receptive to unwanted and direct advertising. He wants to benefit from interesting content, he no longer wants to buy just to consume, he wants to understand what he is subscribing to and what you are going to do for him. If one of the visitors to your website subscribes to your newsletter , plays one of your quizzes or downloads one of your white papers (the great classic), you will have the chance to recover their contact details. However, as your offering of premium content like white papers grows and your website traffic diversifies, you will have to face the facts: your database is not. filled with customers so far. Sorting is essential!

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Engagement or level of interaction on social media
This performance indicator of your social media marketing strategy is certainly the most important of all. Measuring the participation in your posts, the sharing and the interactions they generate help you qualify your audience. The higher the engagement rate, the more it means that your community is present and loyal , that it adheres to your offers and your values ​​(wherever your posts are good!).

Lead nurturing, an important step in Inbound Marketing

The lead nurturing comes in that we have to used to call the “bottom of the funnel” when one is accustomed to the Inbound Marketing. Understand “at the bottom of the funnel”, or at the end of the chain when it comes to attracting visitors to your website and turning them into customers. If the “top of the funnel” steps allow you to generate a qualified audience to your website using methods such as social media marketing , blogging or natural / paid referencing (SEO / SEA), the contacts that you can collect by this bias must often be “worked on” before becoming real customers.

Develop your contact in the buyer’s journey
The lead nurturing back to virtually take the lead by the hand and guided to your offer through a previously established scenario. The objective is to trigger various actions throughout the process to end with the act of purchase. Once a new contact is registered in your database, and if you practice inbound marketing in a smart way, you will be able to get a first idea of ​​the type of target that this contact represents. To put it simply, let’s remember that the contact is simply linked to a personal buyer.that you will have defined beforehand, as well as to a maturity level in the purchase cycle. If you ever have unqualified email addresses for these two questions, don’t panic! Lead nurturing will also allow you to score or predefine what type of potential prospect you are dealing with.

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