Why precisely in this cms and not in another? We are talking about the free open source content management system that has 64.1% of the market. If we’re shaking you up a bit with all this, don’t worry. Next, we explain what you should know about this tool. What is wordpress and how can you take advantage of it? It is a popular tool for people with no coding experience who want to create websites, online stores, and blogs . The good news is that the software costs nothing, so anyone can install, use, and modify it without paying to use it. Among its main features are: it is open source.

It is a community project built by thousands of volunteers around the world. It stays up to date. If you discover any new tools on other websites, you can be sure that wordpress has them. You can run any type of website. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple business site, a blog, or a professional corporate site. Even e-commerce Bosnia and Herzegovina phone number stores can be handled there easily. Works on all screen sizes and devices. You can access it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. You can add custom features to wordpress with the help of plugins. These are like the apps on your smartphone that can be downloaded and installed in minutes. Its design is highly flexible.

Have Control to Make the Changes

Templates and their importance within your website wordpress templates are the tool to change the design of your website. With them you can customize the appearance of your site, including layout, typography, color and other elements. It is not that one template is really better than another , but rather that each one is adjusted to the specific needs of a type of website, whether it is a blog, online store or corporate website. A blank wordpress installation comes with a default template that is plain and simple.

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If you want to change it, you can choose one from the template directory. For example, let’s say you have a food blog, but you also have an online store. The right template can display your blog posts a certain way, while offering a completely different layout for your store pages. What role do plugins have on your wordpress page? Plugins allow wordpress users to create more complete sites without acting as web developers. Plugins can make small adjustments to your site or massive changes. For example, you could use a plugin to add a button to start a chat via whatsapp or to create a multilingual site that can be translated into multiple languages. If you have an online store, you can install a plugin to connect your business with payment gateways.

They Want Directly Modifying the Databases.

Content marketing in e-commerce so you can install wordpress to start your blog or online store there are several ways to do this process. For one thing, you can choose a hosting or web hosting service that comes with wordpress pre-installed. On the other hand, you can do it yourself through a panel and auto-installers or even host it directly on your computer. However, for practical purposes we invite you to choose the first option. Here are the steps you can take to achieve this: choose the hosting service or website hosting that best suits your budget. Complete the registration process.

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