Your customers are somewhere in the vastness of the web, and it can be difficult to reach them. If they’re on Facebook , Twitter, or Google , it doesn’t say they’re Qatar WhatsApp Number List to your news feeds, like your newsletter, and they don’t necessarily read your professional or corporate blog . They might not even know you exist! How then to communicate with them if you have not yet established any means of communication? This is where influencers turn out to be interesting! This new WhiteBoard Friday from Moz explains how:

No matter what industry you operate in, there are, to varying degrees of magnitude, influencers who have authority in one or more areas. These people have demonstrated a great knowledge in one or more fields of expertise and have gradually succeeded in generating around them a community that listens to what they have to say ( I advise you to read the book Tribes in this regard. by Seth Godin who explores this theme in depth) . And it is very likely that your customers listen to one or another of these influencers from time to time….

What is the point of being noticed by influencers?

In your daily battle to gain the attention of prospects and gain influence in your industry, influencers can prove to be powerful allies. If you can produce quality content that grabs their attention, you will benefit from their authority and popularity: They can multiply the reach of your publications and give you maximum exposure thanks to their extensive network. For example, if an influencer retweets one of your articles to their 20,000 followers, they will see their usual reach increased tenfold and there is a good chance that they will reach dozens of potential customers;

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They can offer you backlinks , mentions, and other signals that boost your SEO with search engines. Indeed if an influencer mentions one of your pages on his very influential site, Google will interpret this page as being of high quality and will give it de facto more authority, which will make it go up in the SERP and it will be more easily visible to your customers.

How do you get influencers to share your content?

By definition, an influencer is someone demanding. He cannot afford to share just any content, otherwise his hard-earned credibility will be tarnished. There are several ways to grab the attention of an influencer and increase your chances of seeing your shared content: Have a connection in common : If you know someone who knows an influencer, you could, much like a contact request on LinkedIn, ask to be introduced and presented your work. Interested? Find out how to build relationships with bloggers , who are very important in the sphere of influence ;

Produce work that showcases it : If you produce content that highlights an influencer ‘s accomplishments or pursuits and presents it in a flattering way. This kind of “ego-baiting”, if it is not too hypocritical, can only make him want to share your work with his community; Give it greater exposure : as great as it may be, the influence of an expert has its limits. Perhaps your own audience (albeit a small one) is outside its sphere of influence. In this case, sharing your production is also interesting for him because it will ensure him to reach new readers and increase his Reach.

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