What is the recipe for a good content strategy? What could be better than using food as a metaphor to answer it? Take for example your favorite food, say Malawi Email Lists (everyone loves pizza, right?). If you were served 5 times a week this delicious 4 cheeses that you adore so much, how long will you last before you are definitely sick of it? 1 week ? 3 days ? Maybe even less! Still, if you love pizza so much, you should be happy to eat it every day, over and over again, right? FALSE ! Several studieshave shown that in terms of food, establishing a certain routine had a curious effect on the brain: that of secreting less and less dopamine, a hormone that gives us pleasure. On the other hand, by varying the types of meals, we ensure a high dopamine level… This is why we hate eating the same thing every day!

Even better, why not list the places where motorists can stop for a bite to eat and a good night’s sleep before hitting the road again? This is how the Michelin Guide was born, which over the years has become the most famous gastronomic guide in the world. The first edition, published in 1900, was already 400 pages long and was “offered free of charge to drivers” with the purchase of tires. It was distributed in 35,000 copies.

The secret to a content strategy is variety!

You see what I mean ? Exactly, this is the same conclusion for your digital strategy of of content marketing ! Let me explain. Say you’ve realized that the most popular articles on your blog are the ones that give practical advice to your readers and whose headline starts with a number (type: 10 Rand Fishkin’s 10 Tactics To Get Your Blog Up To Speed. superior). You tell yourself then that you’ve isolated the type of content that your audience loves most and that you just need to serve them the same soup every day to see your traffic curve skyrocket and beat all your competitors. Well, you’re not there at all. You will only get bored of your readers who will look for their dopamine shoot elsewhere, on other sites.

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Why do you think sites like Buzfeed are so successful? They offer an impressive mix of content ! Like the buffet of a mouth-watering restaurant, their homepage is crammed with videos, photos, articles and news that catch the eye and the click. And that’s exactly what you need to do on your blog. In order to keep your readers’ engagement at the highest level, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions advocates the use of 5 types of content to incorporate into your editorial calendar.

Condiments: content that season your blog marketing strategy

Offering a little more flavor or even spice to your editorial strategy, this content must be used sparingly at the risk of being difficult to digest: Articles ” controversial ” or offering a clear-cut point of view;
The links lists as: “5 social media blogs to follow absolutely” In an effective content strategy, one of the keys to success lies in the variety of the offer. Don’t just keep producing the same type of content that answers the same questions and is aimed at the same consumer. In fact, among the myriad of types of content that you can produce, each has its own unique characteristics. But be careful not to overdo it! For example, a content strategy with too many desserts will cause your readers to not take you seriously, too many condiments can make you angry with some of them, or even too much cereal will make you too boring.

Interested in content marketing? Stay connected to the news thanks to our marketing blog but also 5 other blogs specializing in content marketing that we recommend. It is no longer you who enter homes or businesses to communicate about your products, it is consumers who must find you, randomly looking for their problem. At this stage, when they come to you, they don’t just want a good or a service, they want to be supported, reassured and above all to feel in harmony with the spirit of the company. It is on this last point that brand content takes on its full meaning. You must work entirely on your content to offer the Internet user an experience at the end of which he will have the feeling that your company is made for him, that you share his way of seeing everyday life and that he makes the right choice by “buying from you”.

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