According to Forbes , in 2017 87% of devices in circulation with internet access will be Moldova Email List and tablets. This gradual transition from PC to mobile devices is not without bringing with it many changes in terms of digital marketing, especially in terms of emailing. Indeed, while traditionally, emails were opened in the office or on your laptop at home, on screens from 15 to 22 inches, today you consult your mailbox in the metro, at the gym, or even in his bed… on much smaller screens!

According to a Mailchimp study, 30% of Europeans check their emails on a mobile device, while this figure rises to 40% in the USA and 57% in Japan! An optimized white paper allows you to generate qualified leads , control your e-reputation and retain your customers. By following the advice offered in this article, you will have ideas for writing an effective ebook, which will meet its objectives. Be careful not to neglect the layout, visuals and graphic atmosphere in general, it also helps to convey your seriousness. If you need help writing a white paper as part of your Inbound Marketing strategy, do not hesitate to call on our agency.

Anatomy of the perfect mobile email

No matter what industry you are in, when you create an emailing campaign, all your actions and decisions must be geared towards the same goal: optimizing your open and click-through rates. And, to do that, you need to deliver the best user experience on any device.

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One thing is certain: if you do not adapt your emails to smartphones and tablets, they will inevitably end up in your recipient’s recycle bin, or worse, in their spam, which will also deteriorate the image. of your company. This interesting infographic from Litmus takes a look at the Do’s and Don’ts of mobile email, both UX and content. Flash advertising is generally not effective. You have to give Internet users time to see your ad several times, maybe at one point they will be intrigued and click on it? Not to mention that by leaving your campaign for several days, you can better analyze the impact and increase your chances of generating actions.

Some tips for a “Mobile friendly” email

Think large: remember that your email will be read on small screens, so adapt the size of your fonts, CTAs and also think about widening the spaces between the different elements. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to press a navigation button in vain because of “big finger” syndrome;

Resolution between 320 and 550 pixels: Unlike iOS, Android does not always automatically crop the size of your email according to your screen. This is why, in order to prevent your reader from having to “scroll” your email, never make them exceed 550 pixels wide (between 320 and 550 seems to be a good range);
Highlight your CTAs: Remember that the purpose of your email is to elicit action from your recipient, and this necessarily involves a Call-to-action. In order to put the odds in your favor and optimize your conversion rate, put your CTAs prominently above the waterline (that is, they are visible without the person having to “scroll” the email). Don’t be afraid to make it big enough either, you need to be able to click on it without too many problems (a size of 44 * 44 pixels should do the trick)

Already, all Internet users are not connected at the same time. By only showing your message on weekdays, you cut yourself off from weekend users, for example. Moreover, maybe people seeing your message at home, after work, will be more likely to click to browse your site, than an Internet user who takes a 5-minute break at work to talk to his friends.

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