According to the French medium L’Equipe . the meringues will seek the services of Kylian Mbappé . Eden Hazard and Paul Pogba . Being the most complex case of the three is the PSG striker; From the middle it is said that Zidane spoke with the scorer and let him know of his desire to hire him. In turn. the magazine France Football assured that the Spaniards would pay 280 million euros for his pass. which would make the Frenchman the most expensive signing in the leg market. exceeding the 222 million euros that PSG paid for Neymar . Meanwhile. from England the whim of the French coach would arrive.

since it is said that Zidane’s return would be conditional on the hiring of Hazard; however. the main drawback lies in the sanction against Portugal Phone Number Chelsea (it will not be able to register players in the next two market windows). in such a way that the English have no intention of getting rid of their main figure. While on the island. there would be the other objective of the merengue team to claim their way. Paul Pogba has been sought by various clubs. especially derived from the conflict with the former Manchester United coach. José Mourinho. The relationship of sport.

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entertainment. media. marketing and advertising has been making this industry a millionaire business for decades. and one of the best exponents of this is the MLB or. as it is known in many countries; the Major Leagues or Major Leagues. Since very early this Thursday. the hashtag #OpeningDay is a global trend with more than 247 thousand related tweets . where much of the conversation is due to the expectation of the fans for the start of the season. but in which brands and teams have also taken advantage to seek to connect with the public. Some facts to keep in mind about the 2018.

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MLB season We are talking about one of the most profitable sports leagues in the world. with revenues of more than 9.46 billion dollars per season (2017). according to data from Forbes. In fact. it is the second most powerful league. only behind the NFL . which reported revenues of more than 13 thousand 680 million dollars and surpasses the Premier League. the NBA. NHL or LaLiga de España. The average value of a major league franchise is $1.65 billion. To give us an idea. Guadalajara and Monterrey are the most valuable teams in Liga MX with 297.1 and 281.8 million dollars. according to data from Forbes.

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Each MLB franchise has average revenues of $315.33 million. according to projected data from Statista. Giving even the worst team in the league enough revenue to be profitable. This makes the Major Leagues an attraction for brands and television stations. an example of which is that the World Series (MLB World Series) has a brand value of more than 124 million dollars. Something that is reflected in the income from sponsorships. which in 2018 were around 938 million dollars . according to IEG. That is why the brands are interested.

An example of this is that last season the MLB changed. Pepsi for Coca-Cola as the official drink of the league and for this season Nike stole the base from Under. Armor to dress the 30 franchises. It also appeals to social platforms. The MLB knows that audiences are now in these windows. Which is why it has established agreements with YouTube. Twitter and Facebook to broadcast various content and even games. This Monday Nike fights different fronts in regards to the legal field. The sportswear firm in the United States received good news after the Supreme. Court dismissed continuing a copyright dispute over the iconic photograph of Michael Jordan.

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