If you are thinking of doing a giveaway on social networks, but you don’t know how to create a giveaway and select a winner, you have come to the right place. In Cool Tabs, you will find, among other tools, a wide catalog of applications for sweepstakes . The Instagram, Facebook and Twitter raffle apps will allow you to collect the entries for your raffle and choose a winner randomly, among the participants who meet the participation requirements. In addition, you will find apps for raffles on several social networks at the same time (multi-platform raffle app) and to make a raffle for a list of participants. Thanks to the giveaways on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you will be able to get new followers, generate engagement and boost your community . Reward your audience for engaging with your brand and posts!

raffle apps Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Next, we will tell you all the advantages that using the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter giveaway apps will bring to your brand. We also explain their terms of use , the type of sweepstakes they allow you to do, and how to use the free sweepstakes apps . Index [ hide ] Advantages of the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter giveaway apps Conditions of the Instagram Giveaway app Conditions of the Facebook Albania whatsapp number list app Conditions of the Twitter Giveaway app Free sweepstakes apps Tips for giveaways Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Advantages of the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter giveaway apps The first thing you should keep in mind is that giveaways on social networks are quick actions and, as a general rule, with simple dynamics , which are carried out on the wall, feed or timeline of your different social profiles.

Advantages Of The Instagram

Also, the draws have a random component . On the contrary, campaigns and contests usually have a participation form, which the participant must complete, in order to capture leads . Giveaways on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter lack it. With your giveaways on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you will get: Capture followers: by launching a direct giveaway among followers or a giveaway with mentions or retweets and spreading it, you will get new users to start following your account and interact with your brand. In this way, you will get virality and increase your number of followers . Increase engagement: a comment giveaway is one of the great allies that brands have to increase engagement in their posts. It will encourage users to ‘Like’ your posts, leave comments and share the action with their friends.

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Increase the loyalty of your community: with the sweepstakes on social networks, we also seek to reward the loyalty of the audience, for interacting by leaving a comment, in the case of Instagram; for following a specific user or making a retweet , in the case of Twitter; or by liking and/or commenting, in the case of Facebook. Increase traffic : the publication of a giveaway can lead to redirecting traffic to your website. On many occasions, to participate, users have to answer a question about the brand, the answer to which can be found on its website. In addition, the raffles arouse interest in the brand itself or its products . This causes users to end up accessing the web in search of more information.

Conditions Of The Instagram Giveaway App

Obtain participant data data : the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter sweepstakes. Apps offer you a detailed report with data on the users who have participated. Cool Tabs sweepstakes tools will. Provide you with all the data that each social network allows us to collect from users. Random Selection of Winners and Alternates: These sweepstakes apps will allow you to select a winner. By providing a public winners page as well as a certificate of validity. It indicates that the draw has been carried out randomly on our servers, following the instructions provided and configured by the administrator of the draw and established in the terms and conditions of the same.

So don’t worry about manually choosing the winner! free sweepstakes app Conditions of the Instagram Giveaway app. The Instagram Sweepstakes app allows you to carry out raffles among those users who comment on a publication. Mention one or more people or use a certain hashtag or word. In addition, you can create a giveaway between various profiles and in Instagram Ads. If you are going to use the application for giveaways on Instagram, you must take into account that. It is only possible to make a giveaway on Instagram in public profiles . Instagram only allows giveaways between users who have commented on one or more of your posts. In Instagram giveaways between users who comment on a post,

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