Nicolas Finet (center left in the photo), 24, is a young graduate in management engineering from Solvay Brussels School (ULB, Belgium). Active for many years in community life but also addicted to challenges and the Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email Lists of the Internet , at the end of his studies with 3 associates, he launched a web application: Sortlist . We asked him a few questions in order to find out more about this very particular area that the startup world represents and the growth hacking strategies implemented to ensure its sustainable growth. Indeed, as a digital marketing agency specializing in Inbound Marketing, this approach is of particular interest to us.

Sortlist is a web application that allows businesses of all sizes to find their marketing and communications agencies with just a few clicks . The particularity lies in the collaborative approach thanks to a rating system and a strong integration of professional social networks in particular. In short, when you have succeeded in attracting your visitor to this landing page, the objective is now that they do not leave without having taken concrete action and providing information about them that interests you (their name, first name, minimum email address). So sweep away all superfluous, distracting elements that offer a way out. Minimize your browsing or remove it altogether. You will significantly increase your conversion rate.

Markentive: You present yourself on several of your Social Media profiles

Nicolas Finet : That’s right. To be completely transparent, I have the feeling that ” growth hacker ” has become a buzzword that can both say a lot but also very little. However, I decided to present myself in this way because these two words best reflect the state of mind in which I find myself currently: the obsession to do everything to fuel the growth of Sortlist as much as possible. . This by making research into new techniques that can be automated, tested, replicated and, above all, at lower cost , a major priority.

Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email Lists

This is how I would describe the job of growth hacker. This is also set by the environment in which start-ups operate: a marketing budget close to zero, the need to generate as much traffic as possible and convert it by fine-tuning the product and the business model in the same way. more adequate possible. A clever mix of creativity , analytics , synthesis but above all team spirit ! It is indeed a question of being able to tame classic marketing techniques, measurement methods, and knowing how to speak / listen to one’s technical staff. Enough to give pride of place to constant learning and constantly put creativity to the test!

Markentive: What refferals strategies do you use?

NF : For the moment our referral strategy is relatively simple and we cannot yet speak of “ growth hacking ”. Indeed, by focusing on a quality user experience and keeping the objective of building a better solution than what currently exists on the market, we initially hope to achieve a more organic referral . We will soon also capitalize on the contacts already made successfully via the platform. This axis will be more obvious to measure and can be tested and communicated by different techniques.

We also use some more “mechanical”, simple and automated techniques which are already bearing fruit modestly. To give an example, the simple fact of welcoming new agencies to the platform via Twitter generates significant traffic (40%) on the platform via this channel and a good number of retweets that allow them to be presented to the audience of our new agencies.

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