When we started the wearecontent project , we went to various events where content was discussed. However, as I mentioned in none of them were we able to find. The financial connection between the cost of content traffic and paid traffic . However, several years ago I set out to find that connection, and finally found it. I can say with confidence that the answer to the question with which I start this article is very simple. Sometimes it is cheaper, sometimes it is not. In which cases is content traffic cheaper? The answer depends on 2 factors: 1. The volume of searches of the main keyword ( which must be associated with the piece of content that is developed), and the cpc (cost per click) that is paid for each search.

The seo (search engine optimization) strategy of the company. Ebook-content-formats what does keyword search volume and cpc refer to? The importance of keyword analysis. It is not the same to create a piece of content that talks about drills ( eg the 5 best drills on the market. Where google says that there are 1,000 monthly Cyprus phone number searches in your country, versus a piece of content about children’s. Songs (eg the 10 best songs children of the year ) where there are 500,000 searches. Clearly you should develop content oriented to topics that people search for. It is useless to create content that people do not search for .

Addressed the Differences

You can know that using keyword analysis platforms. In the following text we explain about the platforms for keyword analysis that are on the market. The cpc is decisive to evaluate the creation of content it is not the same to do a campaign for drills on google or facebook where the value of each click (cpc) is 5 cents, versus a campaign for nursery rhymes where the cost per click is 1 dollar. We could say that content traffic , creating a piece for an audience of 1,000 people, when paying a cpc of us$0.05 cents, might not be interesting. Possibly it is better to continue paying the 5 cents than to develop content around that topic. How I will explain later I wrote an article a few days ago on that subject and how you can validate it financially.

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Why might it be better to continue paying for ads instead of getting traffic from content? Because the cost of each visitor, after adding the costs of content production and distribution. Can be higher than the us$0.05 cents charged by google and facebook. On the other hand, in the example of the children’s song piece. We could say that the cost of content traffic can be 90% or 95% cheaper than the cost of each click that would be paid to google or facebook. You can consider that normally the cost of content traffic for a content strategy can be between $0.001 and $0.20 in the worst case.

Between the Different Types of Web

In order to evaluate this, I recommend that you read my article the roi in content marketing . In this article I will give you tools to be able to analyze in detail the cases in which it is justified to make content. My recommendation is that you always do the analysis I mention in order to determine whether or not making content is justified. If you are interested in going deeper and knowing what the ctr of adwords is, I recommend you enter this link. Seo is decisive in determining the cost of traffic for content. It is essential that when you enter the world of digital content you have a good writing strategy with seo techniques .

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