In a changing environment, we focus continuously to hidden profits and other virtues of the ‘inbound marketing . As I usually say here, this inbound Samoa Email List often involves much more than transforming a website into a business development tool . My meetings with some of our prospects and customers from all sectors constantly lead me to rethink our business globally in order to learn from it. This time, I’m looking at the advantages of the Inbound methodology in sectors where digital is still lagging behind …

Despite the appearance of new means of communication and the predominance of social networks , the good old email is still a safe bet to stay in touch with your target audience. On your website, offer a way for your visitors to receive each of your content directly in their mailbox. This way, your most loyal readers will be sure to never miss any of your articles. The first step is to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your emailings and then to respect the 7 key points for an effective newsletter .

Places to be taken in certain key business sectors

Today, we work with a number of clients in the IT sector, pharma, agribusiness or even the service industry and we realize how much the digital world is neglected and still underexploited by most companies. market players. While IT professionals are often the most sensitive to these considerations, particularly in the SaaS world, many opportunities remain. The real notoriety of companies therefore remains to materialize on the digital channel through the activities of content production , social media marketing , but also referencing.

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And if the leaders do not take these places, new challengers will not be asked to take a position in the rankings of search engines and ignite Twitter … Is it then a question of resetting the counters to zero on the communication plan? Is this a threat for large established companies and an opportunity for smaller ones who will not be penalized by a lighter history? Should we fear these successful companies in Inbound Marketing which massively generate leads and new customers via the internet? The question is worth asking!

Inbound allows for a dominant position on social media

Having 10,000 Facebook fans, 5,000 Twitter followers, being in 1,000 Google+ circles shows a certain influence. In an environment where everything remains to be done, it is then interesting to ask what this corresponds to. Many of our more traditionalist clients have long thought that this was unnecessary, and at their level it was quite true: they did not produce content, did not have an interaction area on their site … If the we have nothing to say and no possibility of capturing prospects via the internet, it does not help much to be influential … But in the age of inbound Marketing, strong communities of users ready to come to your website to download a white paper or request a quote,here is something interesting! Once again, you must not wait for your competitors to have 30,000 followers to create your twitter account … Given the strong inertia of these media, and always for equal work, honor to the pioneers!

One of the best ways to get inbound links and boost your SEO is to have some of your content reused by someone else. So give your readers a quick way to take ownership of your content without having it stolen from you . It is in particular the technique used by the creators of infographic which authorize the copying of its code allowing the display on other sites while ensuring a back link.

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