Modern man is hyper-connected, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Smartphone in his pocket or tablet under his arm, he tracks down every nook and Christmas Island Email List of the urban jungle in search of a shy Wi-Fi, ‘a life-saving hotspot or a powerful 3G connection so as not to lose a bit of what is happening on your RSS feed aggregator or on social media .

We live in a world that offers us direct access to knowledge, knowledge and entertainment almost anywhere. We have the ability to communicate, create and connect with others with disconcerting ease, continually juggling a Facebook status to sending an email, a Skype call to a tweet, a blog post. blog to a Youtube video… The whole thing until not knowing where to turn! Because, constantly with our eyes riveted on our screens, we are solicited from all sides by the 1001 wonders that the World Wide Web closes every day, frustrated that we are not being able to swallow the enormous amount of information that we would like. Suddenly, we decided to change our consumer habits: the more time to take the time, you have to store the maximum amount of content in the minimum time.

The attention span of a surfer is lower than that of a goldfish

On the internet, content never sleeps . Every minute, an extraordinary amount of information is generated from smartphones, websites and apps around the world. This has major repercussions on the attention span of the modern Internet user. Numerous studies have shown that, due to the increase in external stimuli to which we are subjected every day, our attention span has sharply decreased in recent years. A person’s attention span is the length of time they can concentrate on a single task without being distracted from it.

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How long do you think your attention span is? 1 minute ? 2 minutes ? You are far from the mark! According to a very serious study called Not Quite the Average: An Empirical Study of Web Use , our attention span was 8 seconds in 2013… that is to say, one second less than that of a goldfish! And the Internet is no stranger to this phenomenon

The solution: your content should be the best

Does this mean that we must now withdraw the marbles invested in content marketing and get off the ship before it is too late? I do not think so. It will simply be much more difficult in the future to build up a qualified audience and unite a community around content production . But there is one important thing to emphasize: if the difficulty increases, so does the reward . Jon Morrow makes an excellent analogy in an article (editor at Copyblogger ):

“Watch TV. Viewers are overwhelmed by the choice of hundreds of channels available. How do they respond? By choosing to watch only the ones that produce the BEST programs. If you have the potential to create a series like Breaking Bad or Experts, you will secure an audience of millions of viewers. If you produce bad content, you will get nothing. The lesson to be learned? Avoid mediocrity. Be the best . ” Be more qualitative, even if it means producing less . Do you write every day and can’t generate engagement? Reduce to 2 or 3 excellent content per week, longer, more documented, more original.

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