Most important aspects for organic positioning some of the most important aspects for organic positioning are: content quality (is the main one). Content creation with seo techniques. If you want to delve into this topic, we invite you to read the following ¨guide for seo¨. On-page seo (based on a content strategy and certain technical variables such as speed, site map, among others) link building strategy . At this point internal links, external links and backlinks are important . User dwell time click rate on search results bounce rate shares on social networks.

Domain authority (da or dr). It is built from the quantity and quality of external links to your site or also called backlinks. We know that the process of organic positioning is not easy, but if you need help, contact us and we will help you. Below we will delve into some techniques that cover Namibia phone number these aspects. Content quality: fundamental for organic positioning it’s simple: if your content is not good, achieving optimal organic positioning is difficult.

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But what determines that quality? At a general level, it could be said that what is critical is that the content is clear, relevant and useful both for the user and for the search engine. If you want to appear in the first position, you must have better content than the website that appears in the first position today. Always review all the topics your competition has and develop them more fully. Do not try to position yourself better than your competition, with a less complete text than the one that appears in the first position. Clarity of content your blog posts should be well written and structured. Use simple and short sentences.

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Ideally sentences should not exceed 20 words and paragraphs 250 words. Create dynamic texts avoiding large blocks of information and using resources such as videos , infographics , etc. Title and subtitles must be meaningful and reflect the content of the text the seo title and meta description must be clear and attractive to consolidate a positive ctr ( click-through-rate ) of your entries. In both texts you must have the keyword on which to position your content.

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Do not forget that you must have at least 1 title type h1 and at least 1 title h2 with the keyword on which you want to position yourself. Relevance is decisive for organic positioning it is necessary that the content bears an authentic relationship with the query terms. To do this, use the keywords correctly and strategically. They are the key to getting your posts to appear in users’ feeds in response to their search terms . Do not try to position your content with generic words.

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