Regular readers of our blog already know that inbound marketing runs through our veins. Beyond its tools such as social media , SEO, content Turkey Email List or press relations , it is ultimately a real philosophy: Stop interrupting users to sell them a product they don’t want to buy. Instead, we try to produce a quality message that will be able to convince, inform, entertain, and allow our customers to find and trust us. This is what we in turn sell to our own customers!

Here is an infographic on inbound marketing to help you better understand the concept deed, a recent study ( found that many people (especially those doing content creation ) tweet articles without even bothering to read them ! A quick glance at the title and structure is enough for them to decide whether or not to share. To prevent these people from “scrolling” to the bottom of the article to find the share buttons, do not hesitate to add them prominently below your title as well. Markentive supports you in your digital transformation and helps you set up an efficient social selling strategy. Don’t hesitate to contact us !

Inbound marketing is fun. But is it profitable?

Stop dreaming, it’s time to face reality. If inbound marketing creates value for the consumer who can better choose, compare and be informed, what about the company? How much does it earn and especially after how long? Today we decide to show you some figures on a campaign that we set up for one of our clients in the spring of 2013. If all the situations are different, these data will give you a good idea of ​​what we are doing. can resolutely expect from such a step.

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Two key parameters of inbound marketing
To be easily understood and to give meaning to our business, we generally consider two sets of parameters, namely the acquisition and transformation of website traffic . For inbound marketing to be effective, it must therefore bring users to a website, but it must also transform them into leads, customers, useful contacts. Here is an introduction to the lead generation technique, the basis of inbound marketing

The starting point: the digital strategy audit

To better measure the impact of our actions, it is important to understand our client’s initial situation . We have encountered this type of prospect regularly, and some of you should be able to recognize their company in this description. Imagine a player identified in his sector of activity who has built a reputation around a successful technological product, a bestseller that has sold extremely well, in a traditional way (sales, surveys, conferences) over the years. last twenty years. Only here, by dint of not having needed marketing, the company never really paid attention to it, while at the same time the historical bestseller was

So let’s look at what we can do on the side of our website, digital marketing is economical! So here we are at having to reinvent a marketing and an identity for a company which has long taken refuge behind a flagship product, and the audit that we carried out will not fail to remind you: The website traffic is low (2000 visits per month!), the design is from another time, the company is not present on social networks …. A great work in perspective to allow this company to exist on the internet and there find clients!

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