Every industry will experience, one day or another, a considerable change that fundamentally transforms the practices that were the norm until then. Over the course of history, many sudden or predictable events have Reunion Email Lists well-established sectors and precipitated empires and shaped new success stories. Until recently, these were mainly economic factors (globalization, increased competition, etc.), political (wars, deregulation of markets, etc.), and social (diversification of the workforce, 35-hour week, etc.) which shook the established order. After the end of the Second World War, on the other hand, it was the acceleration of technological progress (computerization, automation of tasks, etc.until the explosion of the internet bubble in the 2000s , a real “ game changer ” which precipitated us into the digital age we know today.

Personally, I couldn’t agree more with this advice, to which I devoted an article a few months ago . And this is all the more true in this context of infobesity and overabundance of content. The only way today to stand out from the crowd is to do better. Be more qualitative, even if it means producing less. Do you write every day and can’t generate engagement? Reduce to 2 or 3 excellent content per week, longer, more documented, more original. In the long run, it’s the quality that will make the difference, not the quantity.
If you’re lacking inspiration, do n’t panic, there are endless resources for inspiration .

Challenge the status quo

Today, in a society in perpetual motion, the most sustainable companies are those which adapt best to their environment and which align themselves with the new consumption habits of their customers. In recent years, a few empires have crumbled like houses of cards because they did not properly assess the arrival of new technology, including:

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Kodak : the historical leader in the photography industry, had to shut down following its difficulties in reinventing itself following the arrival on the market of digital cameras and cameras;
Nokia: The Finnish giant had underestimated the success of the iPhone and the speed with which it would be adopted by the masses. When they realized their error in judgment, it was too late: they never managed to develop software comparable to iOS and therefore completely missed their conversion into the smartphone market. These 2 illustrious examples share a similarity that precipitated their failure: the fear of change . And this is a defense mechanism deeply rooted in our subconscious: change generates uncertainty, and this uncertainty generates anxiety that sometimes pushes to favor the status quo, despite the obvious signs of its dangerousness.

79% of managers feel destabilized when faced with the changes brought about by digital marketing

How many business leaders refuse to take the plunge and invest in digital technology, on the pretext that they “had very well managed to do without it until today”? This is the reason why, according to an IBM study , only 20% of CMOs use social media as a daily tool in their marketing activities. An aberration when we know that the penetration rate of these social platforms is reaching staggering figures! In the same vein, I noted in a previous article an infographic revealing, among other things, that 79% of business leaders feel poorly prepared for digital.

The question I am asking you is: where do you stand in the face of this observation? Do you prefer to adopt the ostrich policy because you have no digital presence and you feel lost in the face of digital tools? If you do not want to know the same disastrous fate as Nokia or Kodak, you must now get out of this inertia which prevents you from evolving and adapting to this new digital environment in which you are now evolving. The good news ? We can help you get back on the right track. Contact us if you want to adapt your strategy to digital and set up an inbound marketing methodology that will allow you to attract new consumers and convert them into loyal customers.

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