Today this digital marketing tool is the most important for any company regardless of type and size. Ebook-content-formats why are blogs important? The importance of blogs lies in the possibility of attracting organic traffic or considered non-paid traffic to web pages . This implies that being organic, it is much cheaper than with paid campaigns. The value of a user from organic traffic tends to 0, while with paid campaigns, the value increases annually, and according to companies as important as iprospect, they estimate that annual increase at 27%.

Enter the following text that explains the difference in visitor costs for sem vs seo . If brands establish their content marketing strategies on the blog, this will allow them to attract new users every day. According to many studies around inbound marketing, companies take advantage of the blog to execute their Georgia phone number content strategies and in just 1 year, they quadruple the number of visits and multiply by 13 after 2 years. The blog is the foundation and the content is the structural part.

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Just as you can see different types of buildings, hotels and houses, there are also different types of blogs and content formats. Let’s dig a little deeper: what are the types of blogs? Blog for personal use people shares their travel or family experiences, also different personal points of view and their experiences. It is also often used professionally and is used by experts in certain subjects to share specific and important information. Content marketing in e-commerce the free blogger platform allows you to have a personal blog easily and quickly. Blogs for educational use or edublogs used by teachers and students.

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The former share their educational practice, while the latter use it as a setting for educational activities. This type of blog has transcended educational platforms and software with the purpose of facilitating the education of people. Moodle is a free platform widely used by teachers and students to make this type of edublogs. Business use blogs designed to achieve commercial objectives: position the brand and generate sales opportunities.

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According to a study, companies that share valuable content on their blogs increase sales opportunities by 77%. Its valuable and educational content has called people to be interested in the brand and of course in the products and services. The most used and recommended platform to create a business blog is called wordpress. The great advantage of this platform is that it contains hundreds of free templates that are easy to customize. In addition to everything, you will have access to thousands of plugins that will help you optimize your site. This is our favorite when it comes to content projects.

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