Every company that seeks to stand out in the market wants the best web positioning. To make it easier for search engines to appear at the top of google, the ideal is to use structured data. You’ve probably heard the term, but you still don’t know exactly what it is. We will tell you what they are, what they are for, and how they are related to seo positioning. Content marketing in e-commerce what is structured data? Clarity is essential in the world of the web. For the same reason, there are ways to better communicate with search engines. Structured data is precisely a specific format to give google information about your portal and improve web positioning.

This way google understands your page and classifies it (woorank, sf). In seo, data is tagged with groups of text. This is in order to provide search engines with timely information, which allows for accurate results (coppola, 2020). We will give an example to make it easier for you. Someone leaves a message on New Zealand phone number your answering machine: “John called at 8:00 to ask about vacations.” the data in this sentence is not categorized, so a machine would not understand it. Instead, with structured data it would look something like this: name john content marketing in e-commerce time: 8 p.M. Message: when are the holidays.

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What is this type of data used for? Being data in html code, they tell search engines what to show in the serp and what that information represents. The serp is the results returned in a search, for example, on google. This technology has improved and today provides the user with a smarter and more informative search experience. For example, if you have a recipe page, images may appear in a search result. Users could even search for a recipe on your portal by ingredients, cooking time, or a number of calories. This is thanks to the tags you use with structured data (google search central, 2022).

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As you can see, these fulfill a basic function in the seo strategies of any company, as they contribute to achieving optimal positioning. Now, we will explain how to add them to your portal. How to implement them on my website to start implementing structured data in your web portal, the first thing you need to do is choose the format and vocabulary. The most used for the latter is schema.Org. We will teach you how to do it with the google assistant (coppola, 2021): enter the wizard, select the type of data and enter the url. Check that you are in the “website” table. Highlight the elements of the portal and label them: now the website will appear on the screen, to your left, and the elements to be highlighted to the right.

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It highlights, for example, the author and the date. Every time you select structured data, you will see it on the right in “data elements”. You can add tags with the button at the bottom “add missing tags”. When you finish highlighting the elements, click on the “create html” button that you will find in the upper right. You will see on this screen the schema markup on the right-hand side. The tool automatically outputs the script as json-ld. But you can change it by clicking the “json-ld” dropdown menu. Then, at the top right, click “download” to get your script as an html file.

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