There is a podcaster boom in colombia . Next, we show you the most influential in recent months (canalrcn.Com, 2021): diana uribe: known by many, she is a great storyteller. For this reason, she has collaborated in the major media and is regularly invited to radio programs. She has very interesting topics about culture, travel, movies and music. In addition, her podcasts, according to her, are a continuation of the talks she previously had on the radio. The arjona project method: frank martínez, carlos marín and germán castellanos came together to be a podcaster and bring thousands of songs to their followers.

Suspiciously light: a podcaster about life stories with a lot of humor. It is the perfect mix used by liss pereira, tato cepeda and santiago rendón to keep their audience waiting. In depth with maría jimena duzán: the renowned journalist, former columnist for semana, has this podcaster on spotify to capture the essence Cambodia phone number of all the events in our country. Surely you are thinking that making a podcast is one of the best marketing strategies . Do you want to start in the adventure of being a famous podcaster ? It is easier than you think and thus you will get more clients for your business.

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We will recommend some tips to achieve it: recommendations to become a podcaster: before talking about the technical aspects, we will tell you what to take into account when making podcasts (botey, 2019): choose a theme: if you want to promote your brand, talk about topics related to your products. Choose a format: one-on-one interview: the interview is one of the most used formats in podcasts. You just need to have a plan to coordinate the session, a microphone and an expert on the subject. Commentator: in this case you will talk about the topic so you can comment on some information or respond to comments from guests.

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Non-fiction narrative: it is very useful to connect your brand with experiences lived in your own flesh. It gives closeness and warmth, you can also exploit a lot of spontaneity. Hybrid: you have the possibility to experiment by combining formats. Sometimes you can hook your audience by commenting on a topic, talking about your life as well as doing short interviews of a few minutes in the same podcast. Technical team as for the technical team, there is a basic one that you must take into account (mollá, 2019): internet connection microphone a recording and editing program a broadcast platform of course you can start simply by recording with the microphone of your cell phone, if you don’t want something very formal yet.

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However, over time the ideal is to make a good team, something more professional. For that, keep in mind: a usb microphone to prevent the input of analog mass noise. Use skype to record live calls. To edit the podcast and eliminate possible external noise, use programs like audition and to spread it you have several options: use your own website or blog. Use some of the most popular platforms like itunes, spotify, youtube. Digital audio combines voice, music and sound effects. They are usually played in mp3 or wav format. You have already seen that it is easy to be a podcaster. Become an expert for your clients. Create loyalty and brand identity. Accompany your followers with your voice wherever they are and you will see how you boost your business.

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