It seems to us that there is not a Poland Email List that does not have to integrate into its strategic thinking the issues of IT, IT, digital, digital, information systems, let’s call it like one wants. And this will continue for many years to come, as the industrial revolution we are experiencing is not about to end. Indeed, the relationship to digital conditions many things that go to the very heart of the identity of each company: A new way to make revenue, not just by adding a new channel, but by transforming the relationship with the customer, the knowledge of the customer

A new way of conceiving its offers, of proposing packages of services centered on the uses of the customer New approaches to the ecosystem of partners, suppliers Drastic sources of productivity and cost reduction thanks to the automation and dematerialization of processes Data sources, a new source of value for managers, for customers and for operational staff Not a box of the Business Model Canvas that is not affected by new technologies. Faced with the incessant proliferation of new tools, new technological possibilities, new offers from publishers and integrators, managers and their CIOs need a compass. The question of strategic alignment between the businesses and their IT is still relevant today. It is necessary :

IT for strategy

Define some main principles to guide IT specialists in building the systems of tomorrow (for example: systems accessible “anytime, anywhere, on any device”, therefore respect for cloud computing technologies defined by the W3C) Be clear on the key elements to maintain internally and those to be outsourced (whether in terms of skills or systems) Decipher the business issues that will have to be supported by IT in order to define the “why”, the “what” and the “how” of the evolution of systems Define an evolving roadmap to better manage the investments to be made Highlight the stages of transformation of the company and its systems, and drive the achievement of objectives


In short, we must constantly think about and adapt the IT business model in the service of the trades. Since then Nike has stayed true to its customer-centric storytelling and adapted it to current topics like women’s rights, motherhood and cultural diversity. All of these innovations are geared towards one main goal: respond to the challenges related to the customer experience. This is why we may think of modern DAM systems as moving towards omnichannel content platforms or integrated digital experience platforms (DXPs). These solutions are designed to not only produce and manage content, but to orchestrate personalized and unified omnichannel customer experiences at scale.

Strategy for IT

From being a simple content management tool to now the core of the MarTech stack, Digital Asset Management has come a long way since its inception. And in the coming years, we can only expect that DAM 4.0 will continue to act as a booster of customer engagement and sales. As Digital Asset Management doubles down on built-in analytics and integration capabilities, companies will be better able to measure the effectiveness of assets for a given country, product range or typology, and DAM will become a solution that gives image leaders, webmaster, community managers, e-Commerce managers and digital leaders the capacity to successfully promote their brands and drive business growth.

As you can see above, Amazon’s Sponsored Brands ads allow you to display a banner at the very top of search results. As for Sponsored Products campaigns, this banner will be displayed according to the keywords typed by the Internet users that you have targeted. However, Sponsored Brands ads present interesting options in terms of personalization since you can put the slogan you want, and display three products of your choice (see image above). For most brands eligible for Sponsored Brands, an advertising campaign is immediately created for their brand and products, in order to secure searches on the brand and ensure that Internet users do not come across other products from other brands by searching for the brand name in Amazon.

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