We all agree on one point: content marketing is a discipline that is on the rise at the Madagascar Email Lists (just see the number of subjects of articles that we devote to it on this blog). However, there are many who claim loud and clear that they were already doing it long before the emergence of digital marketing. It’s absolutely true, content marketing is nothing new and was around over a century ago. What has fundamentally changed today, however, are the opportunities to do so thanks to the advent of the World Wide Web.

When you’ve carefully selected your content, it’s time to release it to your community . This can be by giving a direct link to the articles, during the day (this is the practice used on social networks), by repeating the article on your blog (with the source of course) or by the integrating into a watch “journal” thanks to a curation platform. We will then see the essential tools to carry out and disseminate its monitoring.

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John Deere and the “Furrow Magazine”

John Deere is one of the oldest industrial companies in the United States specializing in the manufacture of agricultural equipment. It is often cited by experts as being the first example of the use of B2B content marketing techniques. It was in 1895 that Deere Company decided to create and distribute free of charge to farmers a magazine called The Furrow, whose vocation would not be simply to sell agricultural equipment, but to educate farmers on new technologies and the best industry practices.

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This approach was completely new at the time. Never before has a company found it profitable to provide its customers with valuable information on topics close to their hearts. John Deere’s goal with The Furrow was not to sell their farm machinery directly, but rather to help farmers work better every day and identify the company as highly skilled and trustworthy. Today, John Deere is multi-billion dollar and The Furrow magazine is still distributed (120 years later!) Monthly to over 1.5 million farmers from 40 different countries!

Michelin and its legendary gastronomic guide

Closer to home, another company considered to be a pioneer in content marketing is the famous bibendum brand, Michelin . Have you ever wondered how this brand of car tires went about becoming THE world benchmark for haute cuisine, to such an extent that, for a Chef, being awarded a star in the Michelin Guide represents consecration? ultimate?

To better understand the brilliant logic that allowed Michelin to become what it is today, we must go back to the origins of the company. At the end of the 19th century, the brothers André and Edouard Michelin were developing the removable tire for bicycles. But, in front of the rise in power of a new means of locomotion, the automobile, the 2 brothers felt that there was something to play in this sector. The problem is, the market, with around 3000 vehicles listed at the time. in France, was far too small. What better way to encourage people to motorize than to show them the excitement and adventure of travel? The Michelin brothers then decided to develop road maps and travel guides in order to provide travelers with information on where to buy gasoline, find a garage, change their tires, etc.

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