Most carpooling platforms do not have their own way of making profits, and the source of platform subsidies can only rely on external financing. In this case, the best way to beat the competition is to cut off the flow of money. Didi chose to enter the carpooling market in a high-profile way, Panama Phone Number overpowering its rivals. It will be more difficult and investment to seize the market in the later stage. From April to May, Dida, 51 and Tiantian accounted for 59%, 25%, and 14%, but their business coverage was limited in cities. In this way, Dida accounts for a large proportion, but the small Panama Phone Number disputes in the carpooling market have made it impossible to form a single giant in the market. Cut off competitor funds User acquisition and retention on ride-sharing platforms are heavily reliant on subsidies.

The Launch of the Product Panama Phone Number

These characteristics of the carpooling market determine that the best time to enter the market is the market growth period. And Didi is very precise in its selection of time points: On the one hand, in the growth period, most users have already received education Panama Phone Number on this new travel mode on other platforms. Which can save the huge human and capital investment in user acquisition. The earliest ride-sharing trips appeared in 2013, but the market remained in its infancy until the second half of 2014. With the entry of capital, carpooling platforms began to subsidize Panama Phone Number the education market heavily. And carpooling began to enter a growth stage. When Didi announced its entry into the market at the end of March. The carpooling market had entered a relatively active state. The ride-sharing market has several characteristics: User loyalty is generally low.

User Acquisition and Retention Panama Phone Number

Panama Phone Number
Panama Phone Number

The financial advantage made Didi half the battle. slow is fast It took two months from Didi’s announcement to enter the carpooling market to the launch of the product on June 1. Compared with the fast Panama Phone Number ride-hailing era, Didi seems to have chosen a slower pace this time. This seems to be at odds with the fast thinking of the Internet. However, this “slow” happens to be a priority in the product strategy. Because of this, other niche carpooling platforms failed to obtain financing, thus losing Panama Phone Number their competitiveness, and some pioneers such as carpooling closed their services one after another. At the same time, Didi has prepared enough ammunition.

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