Everyone is familiar with map apps. We often use map apps when we travel or go to an unfamiliar place. So should map applications focus on making good tools, or should they get rid of tool Real Mobile Phone Number attributes and create a more promising platform? This article combines Baidu Maps to analyze how the map APP should take. The original intention of the map APP According to iResearch’s mobile map usage survey report, the most commonly used scenarios of map applications are: finding travel routes, using route navigation, and exploring unknown places . This kind of scenario usually Real Mobile Phone Number occurs when the user wants to go somewhere. But does not know how to use the transportation to get there.

The Most Commonly Used Scenarios Real Mobile Phone Number

In this scenario, there are a few things to pay attention to. When a user searches for a traffic route, it is likely to be outdoors, and needs to use the easiest operation to quickly complete the search. Real Mobile Phone Number Then it is necessary to minimize user operations and input information as much as possible. The transportation information provided is accurate and real-time. Let’s take a look at how Baidu Maps meets this need. There are Real Mobile Phone Number two main ways to find travel routes on Baidu Maps, and the entrances are all on the homepage, which is easy for users to find. The first way is to click on the “search bar” at the top of the page.

The Transportation Information Real Mobile Phone Number

Real Mobile Phone Number
Real Mobile Phone Number

When you click “go here” in step 3, it is more reasonable and simple to directly jump to step 5 to display the traffic route. If the user does not take public transportation but drives, he can also Real Mobile Phone Number directly switch to the “Driving” page in step 5. The second way is to click “Route” at the bottom of the page, the flow chart is as follows: jiaotong2 In this way, it takes at least 4 steps to find the way to ride, and 5 steps to see the map route. This method is 1 step easier than searching through the above search, but there is Real Mobile Phone Number still room for optimization. In step 2, you need to click “input end point” to pop up the keyboard.

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