If you’re looking to have a lively discussion with either digital expert, there’s a good chance this question will be the source of some heated debate. Because, far from leaving indifferent, the social network Klout divides : on the one hand, there are those who pretend not to care Mongolia Email List this system of measuring social influence, considered useless and unreliable, and There are also those who, attentive to the slightest jerk in their curve, scrupulously monitor the evolution of their Klout score, working hard every day to improve it.

What exactly does the Klout score? What better definition of Klout Score could I offer you than the one presented on their website? On their page dedicated to explaining this concept, the Klout Score is defined as. A number between 1 and 100 representing your influence (online). The more influential you are, the higher your Klout score will be.

In other words, Klout is responsible for measuring the impact of your digital activities . Whenever you create content or interact with other people on social networks, you generate “action” in other Internet users, and this is measured thanks to an algorithm specially developed by Klout. Currently, the service is connected to Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn , Foursquare and Instagram , and intends to cover Youtube and other platforms in the near future.

A pass right to hiring?

In an increasingly digital world, the notion of e-reputation is particularly in vogue today. It is defined on the basis of the identity and the quality of a person’s interactions on the web, and becomes a decisive criterion in many areas, especially in the world of job search. More and more HR departments (especially in the US, but the trend could arrive soon here) are now using Klout to measure the influence of candidates applying for jobs related to the web , such as Community manager , digital specialist or marketing manager. I advise you on this subject to read this interesting story on the American site Wired recounting how a marketing consultant with 15 years of experience and all the required qualifications was excluded from a hiring process because he had a Klout score of 34 (the position he wanted was offered to a candidate scoring at 67).

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So, what is a good Klout score for a recruiter? Good question ! It all depends on the type of user you are and how important this concept is to you or to your business. It also depends on where you want to position yourself in relation to the average: knowing that it is at 40 and that at 63 you are among the 5% most influential, you are free to judge which score suits you.

As said above, the Klout Score therefore does not measure your activity as such, but its impact on others. This is why elements such as the number of tweets, followers or Facebook friends are not taken into account by the algorithm. Joe Fernandez, CEO of Klout, says over 400 factors as well as 12 social metrics are used to calculate each individual’s score .

How to increase your Klout Score?

If you are one of those who thinks that the Klout can be the little help that will help you achieve influencer status in your area of ​​expertise, here are some tips to put into practice and which will allow you to earn points: Share quality content : yes, I know, it always comes back to the same advice, but this one must be considered as the backbone of your digital activity. If you post valuable, unique, and engaging content, you’ll be more likely to interest other people.

Forge links with influencers : as in real life, teaming up with influential individuals will allow you to rise more easily to the upper echelons of digital. Indeed, Klout will give more weight to your interactions with a twitto who has 20,000 followers than to your childhood friend who has only 20.
Be active on many social networks : Klout measures your activity on several social networks. It goes without saying that someone who is present (and active) on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram will be more influential than someone who will only use Facebook.

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