Podcasts have been an emerging Czechia Business Email List for some time now, but the lack of knowledge of listeners’ behavior has kept some advertisers reluctant and at the same time, prevented publishers from getting more advertising revenue from their shows. With the announcement of the release of Google Podcasts Manager, the Mountain View firm is taking a big step forward towards the analysis and advanced monetization of podcasts broadcast via Google Podcasts. Google isn’t the first podcasting platform to make podcast Analytics tools available ( Spotify released similar features for advertisers in January), but the fact that it does may indicate that the industry is finally ready to go.

Google Podcasts Manager provides data on the number of plays per show and per episode, the number of plays per episode segment, the percentage of plays for each episode, and anonymous device analysis. This tool only provides data for listenings that occur on Google Podcast platforms, such as the Google Podcasts app, Google Home, and the podcast player built into Google search results. To add shows in Podcasts Manager, users must verify the ownership of the podcast’s RSS feed They have certain features thanks to which current geographic data is linked to traditional marketing: The implementation of analyzes relating to the catchment area, the geographic area and consumer behavior.

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provide publishers and advertisers with the level of transparency available in other platforms. The presentation with maps through a customizable interface. The software also presents a palette of tools to customize the presentation. The sharing of reports through a dissemination mode or an integrated data sharing option to strengthen collaboration between actors at different levels. In summary Geo marketing is a strategic marketing tool that generally relies on mapping and a GIS to provide you with perfect knowledge of your assets . It facilitates you: Its application helps you to know precisely your customers and prospects and to save time by communicating effectively. You will also be able to choose the optimal location for your business, assess the competition and optimize your marketing strategy to control your costs.


More and more companies are using this solution; it serves them to the detriment of those who do not. Reviews and testimonials serve as recommendations for your potential customers. They will first consult your rating and comments on your activity on Google or other specialized areas before deciding to buy. So ask your satisfied customers to leave a rating and review on your products and services. Today more than ever, the principles of slow marketing are taking shape in the marketing strategies of ethical companies. The latter set goals based on a long-term relationship with their customers. Thus, it would take more sincerity and consistency between speeches and actions to hope to retain customers.

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Each brand will soon have the challenge of “returning to its very essence by questioning its higher purpose”. For now, it is still difficult to say if slow marketing will become the main method of marketing. But in the meantime, you can apply its principles to experience it for yourself. To reach your target, the ideal is to distribute your content when it is connected. The most popular time slots are very different from social networks such as Facebook ™ or Tik Tok ™, because LinkedIn ™ is a professional social network. Thus, when these first two are visited more in the evening and during the weekend, LinkedIn ™ benefits from more traffic during the week and more precisely from Tuesday to Thursday:

Be careful though, if planning an automatic publication has its advantages, there are also significant disadvantages to take into account. Keep in mind that this is an alternative to native publishing. How to easily digitize your business, how to easily digitize your business, digitize your business, digitize your business helps, why digitize your business, what to do to digitize your business, easily digitize your business Then, digitization offers a unique chance to establish new contacts and obtain new customers. Millennials are becoming the decision makers in many customer-centric businesses. As mentioned in the previous point, taking advantage of multiple digital channels gives you a great opportunity to showcase and share your knowledge , as well as product experience.

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