This week will be rich in events for the French inbound marketing landscape . Those who have been following our blog, which has been active for 2 years now, know how dear this theme is to us and how much we take Russia Phone Number List in describing its virtues. A methodology, a trend, a passion or a new marketing culture , each in its own way will find its words to designate inbound marketing. Today we are no longer alone.Hubspot, Marketo, the great leaders of marketing, and to another extent the first agencies in the sector ended up finding their customers, their colleagues, their followers. From this emulation were born the first meetings (these famous IRL), and from these meetings were born projects, even ambitious projects

Always in a logic of improving the customer experience and loyalty, the logistics of your e-commerce activity must be on top! The delivery must be precise and personalized : no one likes to wait for a package. The follow-up will have to be almost in real time so that the consumer can know where his order is. He must also have the choice between several delivery methods: in 24 hours, on the chosen date, at home, at a relay point, etc.

A strong desire to share a new marketing culture

Each year, Hubspot takes the initiative for inbound marketing week across the world by relying on local stakeholders such as agencies, advertisers or Hubspot partners (like us!). Last year, the Zuma, Remarqbl, MyChefCom and Hoi Moon agencies carried this project to France and brought together some 200 participants around various speakers. These first discussions encouraged us to move up a gear in 2015 to intervene more often and be structured in this direction, we have therefore come to launch a federation, which has no other name than “federation inbound marketing france” ( visit the site).


This initiative, led by Markentive, Zuma, MyChefCom, Hoi Moon and the Pim-Bim agency specializing in content production with which we sometimes collaborate, aims to publicize the methodology of inbound marketing , but it is also intended to be to materialize a place of exchange on the subject for all levels of expertise. Advertisers, Press, Agency, Freelancers are thus united around a topical concept whose enthusiasm continues to grow and which increasingly finds its place in the marketing plan of companies.

In addition, an Accenture study shows that 75% of Internet users want to know the availability of the product before ordering. However, only 32% of online stores clearly display this information. So think about providing all the useful information to build customer confidence. This will allow you to avoid cart abandonments and increase your conversion rates.

The launch of the Federation Inbound Marketing France


To widen our circle as quickly as possible, we are taking advantage of the Hubspot inbound marketing week to launch an event on March 2 aimed at presenting our federation to all those for whom “inbound marketing” resonates as a theme of the future. The federation’s project and applications are also likely to evolve and diversify. To present the process to you, we cannot be satisfied with a blog article, a video or an infographic (even if we like this kind of stuff), so we have chosen to give you an appointment at the center of Paris, in a new place dedicated to digital innovation, the Welcome City Lab 76 bis rue de Rennes 75006 Paris . From 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., we have reserved the following program for you:

The 6 e-commerce trends presented in this article guide you to optimize your sales in 2015 . By implementing modern digital marketing, you will be able to boost the competitiveness of your e-commerce and increase your turnover. If you need help with your online business, please do not hesitate to contact our agency . All the more so since the arrival of the “Buy” call-to-action offered on Facebook and Twitter represents a real commercial windfall to be seized. It is the perfect alliance between social networks and business development.

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