Average salary Minimum and maximum monthly income: From . Civil Engineering: this career consists of the design. construction and maintenance of infrastructure works that promote urban development and respect the environmental factor. Average salary Minimum and maximum monthly income: From . Electrical Engineering: its specialists have the mission of designing projects for the generation. transformation. transmission and distribution of electrical energy in the commercial. industrial and domestic sectors.

When you open a web browser and search for the latest business articles. we find that they use the term ‘lean’ a lot. This leads us to reflect on the approach Poland Phone Number that global organizations are taking to stay in the market in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. In that sense. managers and shareholders place emphasis on implementing significant improvements in their companies to attract more local. national and international buyers. To achieve this. they use different very useful innovation methodologies. including Lean Thinking . According to the collaborator of the.

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Instituto Empresa Sociedad (IES) of the USAT. MBA. Marco Alvítez Monteza. Lean Thinking . also known as lean thinking. is the process that seeks to make an establishment more efficient by correcting stages or “eliminating waste”. In other words. it consists of discarding unnecessary methods. activities or tasks that increase work times. increase production costs or add (meaninglessly) more personnel to the payroll. To apply the improvement. it is necessary to measure and evaluate the results to compare them with the projected ones and. if there are still shortcomings. apply corrective actions.

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It should be noted that management indicators can be obtained in all areas or departments. Its correct application requires a series of steps: Know who the customers are. You have to determine the value they are looking for and not. From the point of view of the organization as has always been done. Therefore it must be determined what are the. Qualities that differentiate the company from the competition and. based on them. attract more users. To achieve this. the process flow is analyzed. Identify the route to generate value by monitoring the production chain: once the path is clear.

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It is time to divide the processes and consider whether they add up or not. Create a flow through the elimination of waste: the collaborators of the. Different areas take on a determining role since they will be the ones who. Thus. it is possible to reduce unnecessary work times. for example. in the manufacture of the product and its storage. Respond to the production pull : it refers to the fact that the manufacturing. Volume of the products responds to the demand determined by the clients. The benefit will be the decrease in merchandise stock. which will prevent it from deteriorating and losing value.

Therefore. the production will be tight. lean and agile. When all team members commit to making improvements. Either by eliminating or changing tasks or activities.  When we speak of target. we refer to the target audience. Or group of people who share the same tastes. preferences and expectations. Thus adapt a product or service that meets their needs (Feijoó. 2019). To define the target audience. it is first essential. To identify the sociodemographic and socioeconomic profile (age. gender. income level. etc.).

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