Ebook-content-formats the success of content marketing is that the content lives on your website. Not only on the brand’s social networks. Social networks play a complementary role and serve what we call distribution or amplification of said content. If you are interested in delving into this concept, go to the following link distribution or amplification of content . In the end, distribution equals the platforms you need to amplify the content published on your website.

The big difference vs what many brands do is that when the content lives on your website, it does not lose validity, while if it lives on social networks it is finite (on some networks it can live for 15 minutes). Why should the section be one word? Because a good content marketing strategy is based on Czech Republic phone number seo or organic positioning. That is, being able to appear in search engine results without having to pay for it. Regarding the technical part of seo, it is essential that the url is not long (no more than 90 characters) and if this section where you will publish the content has more than one word, the url will be longer than recommended.

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Keep in mind that every time you create and upload a piece of content you will exceed this limit (if the section name is very long), since you should consider including the name of the company, the section, the subsection and the text title. Do I have to pay to appear in the organic part? Many people think that to appear on google, yahoo or bing, you have to pay for it. However, only the result that says “Ad” is paid. The rest is what is known as organic positioning and to achieve this you have to review technical and content variables. I can tell you that the technical part is 20% and the content the remaining 80%.

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In other words, when you search google for a term, you have 2 types of results: the paid ones that are usually highlighted with the word “Ad” and the organic ones that appear at the bottom and are determined by the search engine according to many factors. The main one is called content quality . What is seo? It is the technique that allows your site to appear in search engines organically (not paid). If you do it right, you will get 62% of the clicks, as opposed to 2.8% for ads or paid campaigns.

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Content marketing questions and answers for small businesses? Ads click rate vs organic click rate is content marketing effective? The idea of ​​content marketing is for each brand to create educational and valuable content for its audience. Once you have it, it is important that search engines detect it and show it as a search result (without paying). This is a slow process. You are not going to reach the top positions overnight . If your site is new, it can take up to eight months based on business statistics. Therefore, while you position yourself, it is important to take advantage of the content to reach potential customers who do not know you yet, through distribution (promoting the content through social networks , newsletter , or native advertising , among others). This helps in seo, more if you get people to share it.

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