You can choose Belarus WhatsApp Number List aggressive the compression is with Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra (from least aggressive to most aggressive). The plugin creates backups of the original image files, so you can always go back if you’re not happy with the results.Imagify can also create WebP versions of your images. As a reminder, WebP is a next generation image format that has a much smaller file size and is therefore much faster.It can be used to minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, which helps remove spaces and comments from files to make them smaller and faster.

The plugin can also combine your CSS and Javascript files to reduce HTTP requests.You can have it load all the Inline CSS in the header, or just the critical CSS that are needed to display the content that is above the folder. The plugin can then load JavaScript files asynchronously, which eliminates render blocking warnings in Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights tool.Autoptimize also includes Lazy Loading. Image optimization also uses ShortPixel to compress your images and serve them from a CDN.Lazy load for comments is used to set up Lazy Loading on the default commenting system in WordPress.If you have a lot of comments on your pages, it can be a serious drag on performance.Comments increase the size of your basic HTML file, making your site less responsive.

Load comments to the page scroll

Also, if you have a gravatar file loaded for each comment, it results in a large number of large HTTP requests.With this plugin, you can choose to load comments only when the user scrolls the post to the end. You can also choose to load comments only when the user clicks a is a paid plugin that we have used on a lot of sites. Its primary purpose is to get rid of a lot of unnecessary WordPress functions and codes.For example, you can use it to remove emoji support, which gets rid of a CSS file and a file. You can also use it to get rid of wp-embeds and Migrate files.


These are files that load on every page, but there’s a good chance you’ll never need them. Removing them reduces unnecessary HTTP requests and makes your pages load faster.This plugin can also accelerate the performance of load Google Analytics locally, refine the loading of scripts, limit the revision of articles by WordPress, add the.WordPress saves a lot of unnecessary information in the database, like revisions of old posts, spam comments, old pingbacks and trackbacks, etc.With WP-Optimize, you can remove all kinds of junk from your database to make it faster. This plugin also saves storage space on your web server by reducing the size of the database.

Other features available include page caching and image optimization.

Cloudflare is a provider of free DNS, Content Delivery Network (CDN) and firewall for web applications. It is a very powerful tool to increase the security and performance of your website.Well then… we are not going to lie to you, if your traffic comes mainly from France it is not useful to use a CDN like Cloudflare. Indeed, a CDN will be effective if your traffic comes from the 4 corners of the Globe.The main functions of the plugin are to help you optimize your Cloudflare settings for WordPress, as well as to purge the Cloudflare cache when you make changes.You can also fine-tune Cloudflare settings and view Cloudflare Analytics from the WordPress dashboard.

While the basic Cloudflare plan is free, there are paid options that make it even better.AMP for WP is a plugin that helps you create AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) versions of your web pages.This technology was developed by Google to create separate mobile versions of your web pages that load almost instantly.AMP for WP is the easiest way to add AMP functionality to your WordPress site. It is compatible with most themes and plugins.Keep in mind that setting up AMP can require a lot of tweaking, adapting your design and user experience on mobile. If your site is fast with this technology, then it might not be worth implementing it.

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