Anticipate needs. optimize profitability. increase sales and personalize campaigns. E-commerce manager: Responsible for sales through electronic commerce portals. Study the Digital Marketing for Business Workshop Course and learn how to develop a digital strategy. create a website. manage a fan page. carry out online campaigns on social networks and other techniques to succeed on the internet.  To achieve the success of a business it is important to define our target audience or target. According to Feijoo. (2017). the target is the group of people to whom a brand.

Product or campaign is directed and who share the same tastes. preferences and expectations. These indicators are analyzed to segment a product or Belize Phone Number service in order to meet the needs of the target audience. Defining the target audience allows you to reduce costs. because choosing the correct target optimizes the campaign budget. It also helps reduce response times and obtain results quickly. Knowing the target improves engagement with the brand and the creation of lasting links. as it offers them a good customer experience.

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Another benefit is being able to define the correct communication channels for campaigns. How can we define the target audience? García (2018) explains that to identify our digital target we must ask the following questions: Whom? First. the sociodemographic and socioeconomic profile of the consumer must be defined: age. Sex. place of residence. language. level of education. marital status. employment status. income level. etc. How is? The next step is to identify your ideas. interests. habits. values. beliefs. preferences. tastes. prejudices.

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In other words the psychographic profile. Of consumers (personality. lifestyle. etc.) is taken into account. How is your relationship with your market? Here is detailed what the consumer thinks of you and your competition. Why he uses your product or hires your service and the motivations. He has to go to your market category. What is your digital profile? It is also important to determine what networks consumers use. what they use search engines for. what portals they use. how often they browse. and how active they are on these platforms.

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How is their digital relationship with your brand? As well as the number of times they visit the website and the time they spend on it.  Long before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This race to be the best in sales and to cross borders.  With everything going for us. orders will be immediate and the customer will generally be more satisfied. Remember: we all value the speed of attention and response. the faster. the greater the sales. VOICE ASSISTANT AND IMAGE RECOGNITION A voice assistant is a tool that we can get a lot of use out of. The searches.

Not only international. but also national ones with unprecedented success. From the beginning of 2020 onwards. digital marketing became. A global phenomenon and now there is no small. Medium or large company that has a presence on. Social networks such as Instagram. Facebook. Telegram. WhatsApp. Messenger. LinkedIn and the phenomenon. Tik Tok that comes from the Asian giant. which has literally invaded. The planet with millions of users and followers. And is today the fashionable application that. incidentally. Has Kwai as its closest competition.

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