Ali and Suning held such a large share of each other in an instant. And various analyses appeared in an instant. If we look at this matter from a macro perspective, there is only one purpose for Ali: Taiwan Phone Number to expand its reliance through mutual shareholding with Suning. An ecological platform for survival. Zhang Yong said that the two will fully open up the online and offline systems of e-commerce, logistics, after-sales service, marketing, big data, etc., and these are important components of Ali’s ecology. Taiwan Phone Number In the O2O consumption era, becoming comrades with Suning is a continuation of Ali’s ecology. a way. “Inclusive” Suning officially established a way to extend offline There are many directions to analyze the mutual shareholding between Alibaba and Suning.

These Are Important Component Taiwan Phone Number

In the past, Ali’s concept of the offline ecology has always been to accommodate more partners with an equal attitude, including cooperation with major shopping malls and various brand stores, but shopping Taiwan Phone Number malls have a natural guarding attitude towards Ali’s willingness to cooperate. , and the cooperation between the brand store and Ali is also based on resource subsidies such as traffic and red envelopes. Bringing practical help to Ali. After several attempts, this gave Ali a new Taiwan Phone Number  understanding of offline development. A simple cooperative relationship is not enough. In order to open up the monolithic offline business system, we must adopt the strategy of “separation” to open a breakthrough.

A Simple Cooperative Relationship Taiwan Phone Number

Taiwan Phone Number
Taiwan Phone Number

Previously, it was just an attempt for Alibaba to indirectly become the single largest shareholder of Intime. This time, becoming the second largest shareholder of Suning is the beginning of Ali’s official “incorporation” of offline partners. The model will become the main Taiwan Phone Number means for Ali to extend offline. Ecology is the core to promote the rapid growth of Ali. And it needs to continue to expand Ali has always emphasized the construction of an ecological platform. And the ecological platform is also Taiwan Phone Number the core of maintaining Ali’s rapid growth. ecology, entertainment ecology, etc. However, the e-commerce ecosystem that Ali relies on for survival is being affected by the changes of the times. Therefore, no matter what, Ali needs to find a way to expand its e-commerce ecosystem.

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