There are countless large Internet companies with a market value of 100 billion. The 2B field is becoming a new blue ocean for Internet technology penetration. In the past, ERP and SaaS improved the efficiency within the enterprise. But the B2B platform improved the way of collaboration among Jordan Phone Number different roles in the industry. As well as the circulation of information, commodities. And funds in the industry. B2B companies have existed for a long time, but B2B trading platforms that have been involved in the industry chain, committed to improving the efficiency of the industry structure, and matching transactions have only recently emerged.

There Are Countless Large  Jordan Phone Number

This model started in 2013 (or a little earlier), grew rapidly in 2014, and flourished in 2015. The feeling of the venture capital circle is very obvious. Transactional B2B projects are springing up like mushrooms after a spring rain, and they are constantly emerging in the field Jordan Phone Number of commodities and various vertical sub-sectors. In the investment logic of Source Code Capital, the greatest value of the Internet is that it can help various links and industries to improve efficiency, optimize and even change the pattern of the original industry. With the help of technical means and new pioneering ideas to improve the industry and create value, it is the common Jordan Phone Number foundation of startups and Source Code Capital. At present, Source Code Capital’s investment in this track has covered multiple vertical fields.

Facing the Successive Emergence Jordan Phone Number

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Jordan Phone Number

For example, Yimu Tian, ​​a B2B platform for agricultural products, is a fast-growing company dedicated to enabling the vast number of farmers in China to better sell agricultural products; for example, in the coal sector is an emerging coal B2B company that is improving Jordan Phone Number the coal industry. Circulation efficiency. And serve practitioners in the industry; another example is Baibu, which helps hundreds of thousands of clothing. And home furnishing manufacturers in China to better find fabrics and directly connect fabric manufacturers…  Jordan Phone Number Which industries are suitable for B2B platforms? When most people hear this question, their first reaction is the commodities sector.

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