The header of the channel is very important remember that we told you what youtube seo is. Now, it seems logical to start by fine-tuning this detail: customize the channel header. It must carry your name or that of the brand, a slogan or message that conveys what you want to share. An interesting idea that adds points in seo is to work with more images on this presentation. Try putting a question or inspiring phrases, as it is the first visual contact that a viewer has with your channel. From this point, review what type of content you have to offer (fons, 2020). A web structure within youtube we insist on the concept to understand what seo is on youtube. This time we aim at the playlists.

These will work or become categories. An ingenious way to organize videos on youtube is to group them into playlists and identify them by theme. A couple of things are accomplished this way. On the one hand, we will be multiplying the average duration of the users in the channel (this is highly valued by the platform when positioning content). On the other hand, if the user browses other channels, they will have done so as a result of Philippines phone number your content. This is also beneficial in that there may be a transfer of authority from other channels that may have more subscribers, positive referrals, traffic growth on your content, etc. Do not forget to write attractive information in the description of your playlists. Take advantage of this space to attack long tails (long tail or longer keywords).

Easily Recover Data and Increase Roi in

These content lists have the option to rank better for such keywords (fons, 2020). Pin your best videos to the top! Editing videos for youtube already means hard work. So you should select the ones that have the most watch time and likes and pin them on the cover. When a video is featured or pinned to the cover, youtube will automatically suggest it when playing other videos you’ve made. This is a great help for the user to continue browsing your channel and increase the viewing time for each session. At this point, we must take into account those videos that attack the most important keywords for your positioning.

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It can be the keyword that identifies the main theme of the channel, for example (sorbo, 2021). Remember that this is an essential part of what youtube seo is. The crucial 15 seconds this is an aspect that must be clear. It is relevant because it is the time in which it is measured whether or not a user is interested in your content. If you are wondering how to get subscribers on youtube, this is one of the best ways to achieve it (optimaweb, sf). It is the high point of the job because you have to catch them in this period that, for many, is the most critical of all.

Addition to the Data, You Need a Strategy

What can you offer them in this short period of time? There are many ideas: state a problem or a need. Make a sincere, believable and spontaneous presentation. Do not stay long in the promise of what they will see and show it. Promote your videos everywhere do everything in your power to promote your video. One of the most successful strategies is to use other social networks to announce the premiere. A newsletter through email marketing plans (sending mass emails) also works. This is not about spamming, but about mentioning your video when it solves a problem or answers any question from the audience. The more views you get, the better it will be. With these simple tips, you can solidify the foundations of your youtube channel.

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