Blogging is also the center of concentration of most content formats and is the most efficient. What is the importance of the blog as part of a content distribution strategy? If you want to have good content distribution , ideally the content should live on assets that are branded and ideally live on your website.  However,The ideal name of the section where your content should live is the blog. Once you publish it, you should take advantage of the different channels to distribute or amplify it, but pay attention to the following tips: it works to distribute the same content in different channels and media make your creativity fly and exploit the different channels and media to distribute your content.

Remember that each one fulfills different objectives. For example, in the email add a personalized message. On linkedin, share a graphic. On facebook, an infographic or a sentence of your content written on your blog.  A practical content with calls to action or good calls to action it helps a lot to motivate the participation Armenia phone numbers of your audience. Example: on the blog. At the end of your content. Encourage people to share the article by providing buttons for social networks. Whatsapp if you browse by mobile, and email. Support yourself with tools to analyze and interpret the metrics analyzing everything. You do is also essential to know if you are doing it right.

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Analyze the effectiveness of distribution in social networks. I recommend that you sign up for hootsuite or a social media content amplification platform. If you send a message to your subscribers via email, use mailchimp. They are excellent analysis and automation tools. However,The best tool to evaluate your distribution results may be google analytics . Promote your content in payment methods one of the points that define the true importance of content distribution is the reach you achieve by promoting it in paid media.

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Native advertising and channels like facebook, instagram, twitter and bloggin allow you to use tools to promote your content to a specific audience. Define a budget, follow the campaign closely, evaluate and make the necessary adjustments. An effective way to distribute content is knowing the buyer’s journey . Knowing the stages your prospect is in allows you to deliver the right content at the right time. The importance of backlinks to position content if you want to delve into this concept, we recommend that you read the following article that explains what backlinks are .

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Backlinks or backlinks are hyperlinks that are placed on other websites and are considered as votes by search engines. The more votes your content receives, the better positioned it can be in the organic results of search engines. We consider that this is part of content distribution, since if you manage to have many links, your content will only be amplified in search engines by achieving good organic positioning. Never forget that the objective of a good content marketing strategy is based on the premise that you must create and spread your content to attract and convert our target audience.

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