As the Christmas holidays approach, it is always fashionable to look back on your activities over the past year and take stock. It is a necessary step for any company which wishes to improve its processes in order not to Taiwan WhatsApp Number List certain errors and to reduce as much as possible all the strategies which have proved to be useless and generating waste of time, resources and money, while trying to optimize activities that have paid off. This exercise (to which we also comply ) is finally in line with the movement of the Lean Marketing philosophy to which we adhere and which we offer to our customers.

Waste no more time, and now ask yourself the right questions about all of your content marketing activities that you carried out in 2013: In general, has my Content strategy been satisfactory? Have I improved my expertise, my visibility, my reach? Am I satisfied with the number and quality of leads generated?
Was my approach structured and planned? If you’ve played the game honestly, you should have located some loopholes. No ? Let us help you: Here is a list of common mistakes you may have made in 2013 regarding your content marketing strategy that will need to be put away if you want to make 2014 YOUR year!

1) you don’t blog regularly enough Content is king, right?

It is repeated so often that it has almost become a ritornello. Yet it remains the less true. Content marketing is a central , if not essential, activity in any digital strategy and which requires you to regularly produce quality content in order to attract traffic to your site. Statistically, businesses that update their blog at least 20 times a month (that is, publish content every day of the week) generate 5 times more traffic and 4 times more leads than those that only produce it once a week.

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To do in 2014 :
Create an editorial calendar . This will help you organize, structure and optimize your content and will force you, through the deadlines you set, to produce more. DIY brands like Leroy Merlin, whose strategy is successful, offer on their site many videos and tips to provide real help to people who want to do work themselves. Of course, brands still present their products in a certain way, but they bring real added value to visitors and create a climate of trust which facilitates the act of purchasing in the second place. The essential first step in leading an effective content marketing strategy is to create content that is truly useful for your potential customers. To do this, you need to know your buyer personas , their objections, their habits and aspirations, etc.

2) you talk too much about your products and services

The temptation is sometimes too strong to transform its content marketing activities into self-promotion campaigns. To reassure yourself, you tell yourself that after all, your goal is to advertise yourself, right? Not quite . From an inbound perspective , your goal is to provide your prospects with what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it. It is therefore essential that you provide your readers with educational and informative content that will help them solve their problems. Be careful, there is no question of never promoting your products and services, you just have to do it in an “inbound” way .

To do in 2014: Adopt the 10-4-1 rule . It’s a simple and effective rule that keeps the right balance between curative, personal and promotional content, in order to keep your audience interested in your content and engaged with your brand. Produce content that educates, entertains, convinces and inspires . These are the 4 main needs that your readers seek to meet by reading your content

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