At first glance, when you hear “DiDi Qiuge”, you might think that Didi Chuxing, which has just changed its name, still needs to make music after taking taxis, special cars, and chauffeurs. Light social function. What? Ali wants to socialize again? It is understandable that Ali wants to expand social business, but it is too hard. After Alipay pays less social media, what if music is less social than music every day? Ali has always had a social heart, not to mention Momo and Weibo, which are invested in The online music is less social. Canada Phone Number and Ali is going further and further on the social road. The fierce debates caused by Alipay’s social networking are still vivid in my mind. At that time, there was no lack of payment social networking or subverting traditional social relations.

The Fierce Debates Canada Phone Number Caused

Payment social networking will bring new market dividends. Alipay’s social networking is changing from “circling money” to “circling people”. Canada Phone Number  The purpose of Alipay is not to pay for social networking but for financial social networking. Alipay social networking is actually intended for many arguments such as scene relationship chains. Now, two months have passed, and it seems that the industry’s attention to Alipay social has cooled down significantly, and  Canada Phone Number some marketing giants’ gold rush attempts on Alipay social seem to have died down. Will Alipay continue Ali’s social career? If it continues to develop like this, it is not entirely impossible for Ali’s strong products such as UC and AutoNavi to launch social functions in the future.

If it continues to develop Canada Phone Number

Canada Phone Number
Canada Phone Number

Jack Ma has always had a social heart, but the road to socializing is not so easy to walk. Canada Phone Number Judging from the product design of the latest version of Android 8.2, this function is stacked in the sidebar. When using it, you need to click the [DiDi Songs] function on the sidebar to enter the song-seeking live page, and then you can See the song request list sent by nearby users. Then click the “Pick Up Order” Canada Phone Number button to jump to the single page I grabbed. And then click “Select Song Reply” to jump to the “Search Page”, where you can select the recently played song.

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