Recently, another news broke out that Meituan record a loss of 1 yuan and a loss of 2.7 yuan, while in the Maoyan business. The average loss per month was 100 million. Although Meituan denied it, Benin phone number Groupon fail first. The U.S. capital market does not recognize the O2O money-burning model. And Meituan’s money-burning strategy is well known. So financing difficulties have further increase. It is report Benin phone number that some investors have greatly reduce their confidence in Meituan. And have already plan to withdraw. The Maoyan movie business. Develop by relying on low price wars and high subsidies, has temporarily gain a leading market share. But the proportion of loyal consumers is seriously low and cannot form user stickiness.

The Maoyan Movie Business Benin phone number

On the other hand, the price of the price war is sacrificing the interests of the theater chain, which in the long run will stimulate the contradiction between the theater chain and Maoyan. This low-cost layout, Benin phone number the greater the ground expansion, the deeper the crisis. Under the trouble of financing, Maoyan is continuously losing its advantages, and it is difficult to snatch users with low prices. However, other competitors Benin phone number of Maoyan have more advantages in terms of capital. Baidu publicly release 20 billion yuan to support Baidu Nuomi’s O2O layout, and Dianping recently receive another 850 million US dollars in financing, and Maoyan’s status is in jeopardy.

The Greater the Ground Expansion Benin phone number

Benin phone number
Benin phone number

Difficulty 2: Data fraud, in vain as “big data” At present, the online movie ticket market is growing rapidly. 80% of movie theaters across the country have already support Benin phone numbers online ticket booking, and this figure is expect to reach 85% by the end of this year. Internet movie viewing data has become the focus of more and more filmmakers and theaters. Maoyan, which ranks first in market share, naturally Benin phone number advertises its “big data”, but it has been question. First, Maoyan has limited access to big data. Meituan is the main body of Maoyan’s traffic support. The independent Maoyan has not continuously provided the entrance of traffic for a while, so data retrieval is difficult.


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