It is now a little over 18 months since we launched the website of our digital Ghana Phone Number Listagency and consulting firm. The first version of our site will then have lived 6 months to be reviewed three times before ending up with the Ghana Phone Number List that we will put online on Monday, November 24. While waiting for this launching, we will put on standby the publication of articles on our blogto devote ourselves fully to the finishing touches of our new “home”. Between 500 and 600 of you read us every day, and this redesign is also to guarantee you a better experience that we have worked on it. A year and a half is not much at the level of a company, it is an eternity at the level of social networks or the Internet in general.

Defining the target exactly will help you adapt your language and let you know which aspect (s) to emphasize. For example, if you are speaking to people who are already customers, you do not need to detail the services offered, you can instead focus the beginning on how to use them. Conversely, if your article is aimed at prospects , you may need to go into detail about the usefulness of your services.

Real feedback on our digital transformation activity

By deploying digital marketing campaigns for almost 2 years on behalf of our clients, we have accumulated significant experience in many sectors of activity, and supported as many SMEs locally as large groups in an international context. . These exchanges, missions or achievements gave us a transversal vision of companies, their difficulties and allowed us to identify key factors of success. We then seized on these issues to offer MARCOM consulting services, organizational or operational adapted and support companies in this digital transformation by helping them to reconnect with the fundamentals: HAVING THE AMBITION OF EXCELLENT MARKETING.


On the MARCOM level, introducing inbound marketing within companies sometimes requires many adjustments which condition their success. It is by making inbound marketing a real business project that we can sustainably meet the needs of our customers.

A revised user experience

Whether it’s our blog that more and more of you are reading, our solutions pages or our static presentation pages, everything has been designed to give you the best image of ourselves. Our site offers more than 300 pages of informative content, white papers or even case studies, and the reflection necessary to achieve a clear presentation will have required us a lot, even if we are used to this type of approach for the account of our customers. Having a critical look at yourself is always a delicate exercise, and we relied a lot on the vision of the agency’s new employees and their impressions.

The goal of any blog post is to attract potential customers to your website . To this end, it is essential to optimize the natural referencing of your text. When you have found the topic, as well as the target audience, you should make a list of potential queries to find information about it. Then use Google’s Keyword Planner to analyze the most searched phrases, as well as those with the least competition. Do not hesitate to use the long tail to generate qualified traffic and especially eliminate some of the competition.

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