The Marketing Automation or automated marketing in French, means all the techniques implemented on a website, which allow you to manage different marketing actions in a totally automated . A widespread Morocco Email List in start-ups and small businesses, these automated tools aim to boost business growth in an efficient and inexpensive manner. Indeed, this concept was born following the explosion of various web marketing techniques since the 2000s. Young entrepreneurs who do not always have the means to afford advanced marketing techniques have therefore opted for the philosophy of ” Do It Yourself”. Automated marketing was then born, intended to make life (and especially sales) easier for young ambitious start-ups as well as multinationals.

Use this application : to sell an application or promote that of your company, you can encourage your subscribers to install it on their mobile in one click. Play : If you are managing a mobile game page, this button will help you drive traffic to your game. Watch this video : this call-to-action encourages subscribers to view a video, it can be a conference, the presentation of your services, an advertising clip …
Subscribe : if the objective of your Facebook page is to collect data, in order to then conduct a prospecting campaign, this button allows Internet users to subscribe to your newsletter, but also to an event: conference, webinar , training …

An effective sales lever at a lower cost

Optimization of prospecting and customer loyalty are at the heart of the Marketing Automation strategy . Thanks to precise and targeted processes, it makes it possible to implement relevant campaigns to increase its conversion rate and retain its customers . Part of an inbound marketing strategy , marketing automation will allow you to create automated tasks that run while you do other things. You can thus devote yourself to other missions, while automatic processes take care of relaunching your customers and converting new ones.

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Simplification also involves the actions that your visitors must perform on your website. It is essential to streamline the purchase and order validation process , but also to provide them with visible links to contact you. The more your customers feel well treated and comfortable, the longer they will stay on your site, and the higher the conversion rate will be. It’s up to you to balance your content offering to attract visitors in the discovery phase (who are looking for general information) and visitors in the decision phase (who are looking for specific information to make a purchase), in order to balance your funnel. This is how you will transform your site into a real business development tool!

Email at the heart of marketing automation

Emails are the great vectors of marketing automation. Valuable tools in the analysis of the behavior of your visitors and your customers, they effectively serve your business development and your loyalty process. Thanks to marketing automation, you can then configure the automatic sending of emails to a predefined target according to a previously identified behavior. This will not only save you time, but you will also significantly increase your conversion rate .

Want to be present on all fronts
Depending on your target customers, carefully select your communication channels . Avoid spreading yourself over all social networks , focusing on those that are really useful to you. For example, if your target audience is mainly made up of professionals, optimize your presence on Twitter and Linkedin . If you sell products where the visual holds a preponderant place in the conversion, bet on social networks dedicated to the image like Pinterest and Instagram …

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