Give the user the possibility to stop receiving a specific advertisement .Therefore, you should always give them the opportunity to opt out of receiving advertising. In short, retargeting is a digital advertising tool that can have great benefits for your company. However, it is important to define the strategy to follow well so that it is not counterproductive.

As they say, “Less is more”, so take note and start putting it into practice.We all know what the main objective of an online store owner is: to sell their products. For this, it is important that what you sell is attractive to the customer. But many times that it is good is not enough to increase sales, but rather to give them greater visibility. In this sense, there are various marketing techniques that can help. One of the most effective Lithuania phone number is retargeting . Do you want to achieve more sales online? Well, stay and read this article because we give you the keys to achieve it. What is retargeting? According to various studies, shopping cart abandonment affects 88% of e-commerce.

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One of the main causes is the search for that item in other similar online stores. This is where retargeting comes into play . This is one of the digital marketing techniques that consists of creating several increasingly personalized impacts, encouraging the user to move forward through the conversion funnel. If you want to know more, we invite you to enter the following article on digital marketing tools . The main function it fulfills is to get those potential clients to remember you and be able to recover them (iebschool, 2021).

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However, google decided to designate its own term – remarketing – and it has gained popularity in recent years. In such a way that both concepts are already used generically (cyberclick, 2021). How does retargeting work? We have already explained the concept of retargeting as such. Now I imagine you are wondering how it is executed and how it actually works. First of all, when a user accesses a website it is detected by a cookie.

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This cookie has a dual purpose: to identify each visitor and to have access to their activity history (inbound cycle, 2021). The information provided will be used to add this user to a retargeting list . This, in turn, will serve as an orientation to carry out a personalized advertising campaign based on the action that the user has made on the website (inbound cycle, 2021). But, what is the step by step that you should follow to get the most out of your retargeting campaign? We tell you below (cyberclick, 2021): what is the correlation between content marketing and retargeting? With the decisions that google has been making in relation to cookies and therefore the implications that this will have for retargeting, content marketing will play a fundamental role for brands.

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