Recently, there have been two major events in the ever-changing takeaway field, which are worthy of attention. First, in the Chinese market, Meituan Food Delivery took less than a year and a half. Surpassing the six-year accumulation of in the O2O field of food delivery. According to the Henan Mobile Phone Number “Special Research Report on China’s Internet Catering Takeaway Market in the First Half of 2015” released by Analysys Think Tank. The market share of Meituan Takeaway is 41.24%, is 38.75%, Baidu Takeaway is 7.95%, and TaoDianDian is 3.51%. What surprised the outside world is that order share dropped from 40.07% in Q1 to 38.75% in the first half of the year, taking second place. Second, Groupon, the originator Henan Mobile Phone Number of the global group buying industry.

The Market Share of Meituan Henan Mobile Phone Number

So, with the launch of Groupon’s food delivery channel, can it really replicate the successful experience of Meituan’s food delivery counterattack on Let’s first take a look at how Meituan has become Henan Mobile Phone Number the number one in China’s food delivery market in just one and a half years. From the perspective of traffic entry, Meituan covers 1,000 cities across the country and has more than 300 million users. A considerable number of users have previously purchased food and beverages in Meituan. In particular, Meituan has obvious advantages in the mobile terminal. Today, Meituan’s mobile terminal transactions have accounted for 95% of the total Meituan Henan Mobile Phone Number transactions, which has laid a solid user base for takeaway O2O. From the perspective of catering business resources.

The Country and Has More Than Henan Mobile Phone Number

Henan Mobile Phone Number
Henan Mobile Phone Number

In addition, Meituan has built a huge push force through the accumulation of several years of group buying. Which gives Meituan an advantage in expanding business resources. From a technical point of view, Meituan CEO Wang Xing’s passion for technology is the Henan Mobile Phone Number most important factor. That enables Meituan to dominate the group buying market today. It has opened up online and offline, greatly improving the efficiency of takeaway delivery for merchants. From the point of view of user stickiness and user experience, Meituan Waimai first launched customized packaged free drinks. Through the alliance with Huiyuan Juice. And then added Henan Mobile Phone Numbers convenience stores, fruits and vegetables, dessert drinks and other entrances. But also has been unanimously praised by users. Which greatly improves the user stickiness of the platform.

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