MEB, for “Make Antarctica Email List feature Binary”, is Bing’s new algorithm, presented by Microsoft in August 2021. The MEB algorithm is already operational on the search engine, and should make it possible to obtain better results. relevant thanks to artificial intelligence. But, why a new algorithm? What should we take away from the Make Every feature Binary project? Released in 2008, and made public in 2009, Bing is now the second largest search engine in France after Google. If it is in second place, behind the web giant, Bing brings together only 3.44% of French Internet users against 92.5% of French for Google.

Today, Bing brings together more French Internet users than Yahoo (1.09%), Ecosia (0.97%), Qwant (0.88%), and the other search engines in terms of the number of visitors. So, to keep its second place, Bing is looking to innovate and optimize its algorithm. In this drive towards innovation, Bing released the MEB algorithm. For what efficiency? The MEB project, “Make Every feature Binary”, is an algorithm that should improve research thanks to AI at Scale which is based on years of work on systems by Microsoft researchers, in particular in the field of parallel computing, that enable machine learning models to be trained on an unprecedented scale faster.

Bing, the second largest search engine

The AI ​​at Scale initiative is pioneering a new approach that translates into next-generation AI capabilities and data classification that will be scaled up across business AI products and platforms. MEB has several advantages, including identifying negative relationships between words or phrases, revealing what users don’t want to see for a query. For example, MEB learned that “Hotmail” correlates strongly with “Microsoft Outlook”, even though they are not close to each other in terms of semantic meaning. MEB notes a nuanced relationship between these words: Hotmail was a free webmail service provided by Microsoft which later changed its name to Microsoft Outlook.


If you adopt the same marketing strategy , all you need to do is make a small investment in purchasing the SMS plugin. It may also be interesting to know that SMS have a relatively high memorization rate, namely 60%. Still by way of comparison, users only memorize 15% of what they see and listen to on radio and TV, according to figures from INSEE. A massive SMS campaign not only offers significant and rapid benefits, it also comes at a very attractive price for the company that sets it up. Indeed, you just need to buy your SMS plugin which you can then easily install yourself on your WordPress site to be able to start your campaign independently.

MEB: the new algorithm from Bing

In addition, you can choose your plugin according to the needs and expectations of your business. The possibilities offered by SMS in terms of communication Since SMS has long been relegated to the background when it comes to marketing tools , many people are still unaware of the possibilities and opportunities it can bring. It can constitute real added value for your customers. During a delivery, they will no longer have to check at every moment on your site where their package is. Because you can inform them directly by SMS. As part of a marketing campaign, you can tell them directly about promotions that may be of interest to them and be pretty sure that they will read your message

. For their part, they will save precious time. It is moreover a communication channel which is not reserved only for large companies, but which is accessible to all. SMS or gift contests to increase the number of subscribers and boost its notoriety But adding an SMS plugin to your website is also practical in other ways, whether you have an e-commerce site or a classic site. Thus, you can send a notification directly from your site to confirm a purchase or the shipment of a package. You can also organize a satisfaction survey and thus collect useful information, while strengthening the engagement of your visitors. Using the SMS plugin also allows you to send notifications about the publication of new content.

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