In any case, Meituan is a case worthy of in-depth study. I will sort out the development of Meituan based on my personal observation and understanding. Meituan’s current success has Shandong Mobile Phone Number four most important factors: rhythm, focus, technology, and team. Although the business of Meituan has always been a money-burning business. It can burn money in a moderate manner and control the rhythm properly. Back then, when its rivals spread out across the country, Shandong Mobile Phone Number Meituan focused on some key cities; when its rivals spent money on advertising on the ground, Meituan focused on online marketing with lower costs and higher ROI; When the opponent is aggressively recruiting people, Meituan may only have half the manpower configuration of the opponent.

The Business of Meituan Has Always Shandong Mobile Phone Number

The rhythm of Meituan also reflects that it always enters a new business field after a business has achieved the first or formed certain barriers. We can see the time point when Meituan extended its product line from group buying to movies to hotels and takeaways. In addition, Shandong Mobile Phone Number the rhythm of Meituan also includes the rhythm of introducing professional managers, which will be listed below. 2. Focus mainly refers to the aggregation of business At that time, when the growth rate of group buying of local life services declined or it was difficult to maintain continuous growth Shandong Mobile Phone Number many group buying companies adopted the strategy of expanding categories and entering physical group buying. Although Meituan also did it at the time, it accounted for a small proportion. To do a business deeply and thoroughly, this is focus.

The Growth Rate of Group Shandong Mobile Phone Number

Shandong Mobile Phone Number
Shandong Mobile Phone Number

Meituan’s focus is also reflected in its subsequent category expansion. From group purchases to movies to hotels Shandong Mobile Phone Numbers and takeaways, not all about what’s hot. But focusing on eating, drinking, and having fun with its own user base. Meituan has basically formed a natural extension of the user scene, and the stickiness will be very strong . Shandong Mobile Phone Numbers The interconnectedness of various scenarios makes it possible to quickly incubate new businesses in the competition. Technology I don’t know if this has something to do with the background of the Tsinghua Institute of Technology men in the founding team of Meituan.


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