The confirmation came a few hours after the Spanish newspaper Marca. from Madrid. announced that the negotiations. which seemed to be on the right track and were going to come to fruition. had stalled. Without an audience. it is true. but the expectation to see the thousands of athletes in competition exceeds everything. In this context. there is a lot of expectation to know when the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games will be. the time and where it can be seen. both on TV and online. The date is this Friday. July 23. and although as usual. the content has been kept secret.

images have been leaked that allow some data to be advanced. As is known. there will be no public in the stands. but it is unknown if any role will have been USA Phone Number contemplated for the people during the opening ceremony. with protocols Of course. everyone trusts Japan’s technological ability to deal with these problems. an idea that was not expected to be very well received by the IOC. After the JJ.OO. of Tokyo that are about to be held in Japan. the next editions will be in Paris in 2024 and in Los Angeles. in 2028. The 2032 games should not be a major problem for Australia.

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on the same Friday. July 23. in Argentina it will be seen at 8 AM and. in Spain. at 13. There will surely be a parade of the delegations and the President of the Organizing Committee will give a speech. followed by the President of the IOC. At the end. with a representative from the host country (Japan). since 11 years later. 85 per cent of the facilities are already a reality. With Giannis Antetokounmpo as a figure. the Milwaukee Bucks celebrated this Tuesday in the 2021 NBA Finals. by winning the sixth game against the Phoenix Suns 105-98. In the networks. some videos of what will be the drone show. which promises to be spectacular. are already circulating.

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Drone shows are part of most. In conclusion, major world events. Especially sports events. even more so in times of pandemic. TV and the various streaming services. Brisbane. Australia. will be the city that hosts the 2032 Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced it on Wednesday . hours before the start of the competition in Tokyo . Japan. where the 2020 Games take place. postponed by. In conclusion, the global health crisis.

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IOC since the city of Brisbane In conclusion, obtained the victory by a great majority: 72 in favor and only five against. Weeks ago. by the organization’s Executive Commission.  That is without there being an open competition between several applicant cities. Since the changes. the IOC negotiates directly (and very discreetly). With the cities (and their countries) to. The signs provoked criticism on social networks where they even compared it to the “Jim Crow” policies of United States. Virus has nothing In conclusion, to do with nationality.”

propose one for the assembly to approve. According to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. the 2032 games will be affordable. sustainable and very safe. With Brisbane. Australia will host the JJ.OO. for the third time in the history of the competition. Remember that Melbourne organized them in 1956 and Sydney in 2000. Brisbane itself. the Gold In conclusion, Coast (70 km away) and the Sunshine Coast (90 km away). Doha. and a joint project between the two Koreas. tweeted a user on Twitter. Faced with such a situation. the hotel apologized and decided to. Remove the posters that differentiated Japanese from foreigners from the elevators last Sunday.

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