Users responded on Twitter to the brand and the squad that the shirt is ad hoc to the team because apparently “they are dead . ” Comments like “not even their sponsor respects them” appeared almost immediately to remind us that the red and black squad is about to celebrate 70 years of its first and only title in Liga MX. At the time of contingency. a character from the cardboard audience comes to life and embarks on an epic two-minute search to get a Bud Light beer. He made her known through her official social networks. We recommend you: Pillofon: Luisito Comunica’s new telephony option.

They prohibit the sale of Philadelphia. Lala. Fud. Danone and other brands in Mexico Google is the new Shazam. it allows you to find songs by humming them Singapore Phone Number Cardboard Hobbyist. from Bud Light’s perspective Hand in hand with the agency Wieden + Kennedy New York and the director of O Positive. David Shane. the brand presents in video the adventures of a photograph with white cardboard on the back. who walks all over the city. but only his legs and feet move. A bus pushes him aside and he is thrown in the trash. but the figure eventually comes up with a winning move and achieves his goal.

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This vision fully captures the very different way in which the fan perceives sports. the “cardboard fan” phenomenon. The brand created an acclaimed jewel on social networks to promote beer consumption. mainly in the United States. where it is clearly on the decline among younger generations who take care of their health and prefer drinks without many calories and without carbohydrates. In Mexico. beer continues to reign. but the new generations are also asking for changes. The production of beer set its fifth record in the country in a row. growing 8.8 percent to 119.8 million hectoliters (33.741 million cans).

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According to data from the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (Inegi). The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat and became NBA champions with a 106-93 victory. winning the series 4-2 and adding their 17th championship ring in the middle of the contingency. in the Disney bubble. Kobe Bryant stood out in the celebration. Their great achievement is worth the pairing with the Boston Celtics as the best dynasties in the league. Meanwhile. LeBron James added the fourth MVP in his career. adding four in total. two with the Heat. the third with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the fourth now with the.

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Lakers. in 10 Finals. But what is most valuable at this time for the player is that he fulfilled. The emotional promise he made to Kobe Bryant. to whom he told him. That he would  continue his legacy and that with his strength he. Would be able to put the name of the  Lakers  high and he made it. LeBron ended a decade-long drought in Los Angeles. Who won their last ring in the 2010 finals against the Boston Celtics. But the most emotional part of the night was that  Kobe Bryant was present at the festivities . After he died in January of this year in a. Helicopter accident. 00:05 / 00:15 00:08 / 00:15 We recommend you.

These photos of López-Gatell put much more than his brand reputation in check. Tiktoker gets a huge payout and shows what you can get for a 15-second video. The series Emily in Paris gets Netflix in trouble with an entire country. The former basketball player. his 13-year-old daughter. Gianna. and seven other people died instantly in the helicopter. Accident they suffered on January 26. He was honored in the streets. On social media and from the franchise’s own players. Was heard  from hundreds of fans who came out to celebrate for a new trophy.

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