In France, 24.1 million people own a smartphone . The tablet penetration rate is Nauru Email List with a 132% increase over one year. Today, 18.4% of French people have it. Faced with mobility which is developing more and more every day, it is becoming essential to optimize its presence on these portable terminals and to adapt its referencing .

Indeed, mobile referencing must be the subject of special attention, because it differs significantly from classic referencing. Being well positioned on search engines, from a desktop request, does not necessarily ensure that you are so well positioned on mobile. Especially since the way to search for information and to consult it is not at all the same. The environment of use and the ergonomics of mobile terminals must be specifically taken into account.

There is no secret, it is thanks to a perfectly optimized purchase funnel that you will increase conversions on your website. Whether you are a service provider or an e-merchant, the techniques resulting from Inbound Marketing are your best allies to effectively direct your visitors and encourage them to leave a trace of their passage. If you need help setting up an efficient buying funnel, contact our Inbound Marketing agency .

A site optimized for mobiles

There is no mobile SEO without a mobile site ! If you want to be in a good position for a query made from a smartphone or tablet, you must have a site that adapts to the small size of these screens. Google promotes the positioning of sites suitable for mobile users. And even if you managed to climb to the top of the results, without a dedicated site, Internet users would flee very quickly. Mobile browsing must be able to be carried out smoothly, the menu must be accessible and reading facilitated.

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If you are using a CMS like WordPress or Drupal, then go for a responsive theme . You don’t have to do anything specific, the theme itself detects the screen size and immediately adapts. Otherwise, you can always code an internal model for your site which will detect mobile surfing and adapt to the mobile user’s device. This solution requires coding expertise, call a professional if in doubt.

Optimize your mobile content

In a previous post, we told you about Google’s Keyword Planner . This free tool integrates a very interesting function for mobile SEO: keyword planning on mobile . The same way you analyze the most popular requests to your site, you can refine this study to focus on mobile. Then position the keywords in blog articles or on pages likely to interest mobile users.

It is important to take into account that reading on mobile is different from reading on a computer. The screen being small, the mobile user does not particularly want to read a novel there. Then plan articles shorter than usual , in which you can easily position your mobile keywords. In addition, the smartphone user first takes information, before taking action a few hours later, from a computer. He is therefore looking for synthetic pages, which will quickly answer his questions . These are also the pages that will need to be optimized using mobile queries.

Finally, if you have a physical store, don’t neglect the local ! The mobile user may be looking for a store near him. Help him by inserting your situation in several pages and especially by boosting your contact page, containing your address and an interactive map.

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