You’ll gain some powerful insight into the needs of your audience during your interviews mentioned in the previous section. Use these audience needs to inform your strategy. Do they want more content from you? Philippines Phone Number What kind of content? Video, written, graphical, a combination? What sort of purchasing process did they describe? Is this something you can offer them? How might this differ from the competition? Also, how will they look for you and/or how did they find you? What Philippines Phone Number words and methods did they use? This information will show you how you should communicate with your audience… blog posts.

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Philippines Phone Number

Philippines Phone Number competitive strategy is figuring out how to differentiate yourself from your competition beyond your sales efforts. How are you different from your competition? Even with all that information from your audience interviews, you still run the risk of doing exactly what your competition is doing. If you’ve never heard of the red ocean . Philippines Phone Number blue ocean concept, it goes something like this… the red ocean is where all of your competitors are. It’s crowded, bloody, and dangerous. You won’t have much luck getting found in that ocean. A blue ocean is what you’re looking for. This is an ocean with lots of clean water, tons to eat, and room to grow and thrive. But how do you find this ocean?

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Philippines Phone Number think it matters more. In one of my first blog posts for wellspring digital, i outlined an exercise that any business would find useful. You need to determine your core values because everything builds from there. Your core values will inform how you speak about your company to potential clients and the public at large. Philippines Phone Number The channels come next. Get cozy with the peso model 2020 peso model graphic courtesy . My friend gini dietrich and the fine folks over at spin sucks developed “the peso model.” peso stands for… paid media (stuff you pay for) – sponsored posts, google ads, ott, youtube ads, etc.

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