Advertising is invasive, even unbearable according to Internet users . It must be said that it has Monaco Email List at the speed of light and not always for the best. This trend annoys people who don’t really find it interesting. Untargeted, misplaced, it does not really have a positive impact. However, advertising is a significant source of income for many companies who want to increase their notoriety and sales.

It was therefore necessary to find a way to better integrate these inserts , so that they became less intrusive and much better targeted. This is when the concept of “Native Advertising” takes on its full meaning . The timing and period of an ad launch increases its click-through chances. Be aware that these elements vary from one social network to another. However, you can do a test to gauge the ideal period. Almost all social networks offer statistical tools to do this: Facebook karma for Facebook, Tweriod for Tweeter, Timing for Google +… These tools allow you to know when and when to publish. But in addition to the days and times, also think about the seasons ! Some products like flowers, jewelry or chocolates are more successful on Valentine’s Day, children’s toys sell in the thousands at Christmas, etc.

Native advertising for more natural brand content

The concept of “Native Advertising”, which we can translate as “indigenous advertising” is based on the following observation: Internet advertisements are too intrusive and degrade the user experience . The challenge for advertising networks was therefore to show imagination and creativity to better integrate advertisements into sites and social networks , so as not to annoy Internet users and ultimately, to encourage them to click.

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A study by AdYouLike and IFOP, synthesized in the form of an infographic, came to answer the problem: personalized and integrated advertising in a natural way will arouse the interest of the user, while a window that jumps in the face will be quickly ignored. Increasing your click-through rate on social networks requires upstream marketing thinking and constant analysis of the impact. If you’ve ever tried to implement a social media ad campaign with no success, we hope the 8 mistakes in this article will help you run it better next time. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us to help you with your social media strategy .

Real-time advertising

Another aspect of “Native Advertising” involves real-time advertising . Very often, when you visit a website, that this one contains ads, they will have a direct relation with the topic of the visited site. Nothing surprising and technical however quite logical. But, Native Advertising is now intervening to offer you truly targeted advertising, thanks to tracking .

Online advertising is increasingly managed by “ad exchanges” , which are real-time marketplaces. There is approximately 0.11 second between the time the Internet user enters a site and the time the advertisement is displayed. This short period of time is sufficient for the ad exchanges platform to analyze the internet user’s previous requests and offer him an advertisement related to what he was looking for a few minutes earlier . For example, you searched for information on Paris during the day. In the evening, you surf quietly and there, advertisements to book a hotel in Paris appear on sites that sometimes have no connection with the trip.

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