Noil is the first solution to convert Solomon Islands Email List two and three-wheelers to electric and thus accelerate the energy transition of cities and urban areas. We take the bias of capitalizing on the existing fleet rather than building a new all-electric fleet which would involve scrapping thermal vehicles. Thus, we give a second life to these vehicles and avoid waste: it is circular economy applied to the vehicle sector. It is about the entrepreneurial adventure of three childhood friends: all three of us were driven by the will to undertake and great users of two wheels! We live in cities and quickly saw the constraints linked to the use of our own vehicles. Our old vehicles had a lot of technical problems, and we couldn’t sell them.

We therefore wanted to give them a second life. This is where the project started: Noil was created in May 2019. Today, we can see that history has proved us right: the regulations have tightened up with the Crit’Air sticker and in Paris the parking on public roads of thermal two-wheelers will be subject to a charge where both -Electric wheels will be exempt. We built the first prototype on my vehicle. Raphael, our CTO, had the technical competence thanks to his professional experience in large companies. Clément, an industrial buyer by training, worked on the structuring of the company and the business plan. And for my part, legal training, I took charge of partnerships and customer relations.

What are the origins of the project

Then there are the partner installers who carry out the conversion from the thermal system to the electrical system. They are mechanics specializing in two-wheelers. We train them in electricity and our retrofit method. This allows them to diversify their activity and bring them direct income through our intervention requests and indirect income with new customers who own electric vehicles. This collaboration makes it possible to fully reintegrate garage owners into the ecological transition who were left on the side; as electric vehicles require less maintenance, these interventions are less economically attractive. With Noil, mechanics gain expertise in electrics and as the existing fleet changes, they turn to electrics.


We have made three types of partnerships. On the one hand, partnerships with insurers because insurance issues are at the heart of the retrofit strategy. In May 2019, there was no regulatory framework on retrofitting in France. We therefore lobbied to obtain a text that framed our activity; we obtained it in March 2020. Thus, the electrification of a thermal vehicle is now regulated by law. We were the first to obtain approval on our vehicle electrification kit. This allowed us to reassure the insurers, it was a first big step. Finally, the last type of partnership concerns the actors of the electric vehicle ecosystem with whom we carry out communication actions to make each other known.

How did you go from 0 to 

First of all from an economic point of view; the insurance of an electrified vehicle costs as much or less than that of a thermal vehicle. For the electrification intervention, it varies depending on the range of the vehicle between 1000 and 1500 euros but with state aid it is much cheaper than buying a new vehicle. Ultimately, all in all, the user finds his account there. And above all, he keeps a vehicle that pleases him in terms of aesthetics and comfort. There are few interesting scooters on the electric market: the supply is limited and often of low quality.

We have succeeded in developing good SEO on the internet and social media animation which allows us to have visibility: our newsletter includes more than 6,000 people. Users of two-wheelers therefore come to us easily when they enter the process of wanting to electrify their scooter. We have also invested a lot of time in educational work on the retrofit to make this concept known. We had a lot of press visibility: News at 8 p.m. on TF1, M6 and BFM. Finally, one of our acquisition channels is our network of installation partners who are in direct contact with customers.

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