The main business part is used as a barrier or paving the way. No one can make a profit, and if you want to make a profit and develop. You can only rely on the part of cross-industry robbery. And if you want El Salvador Phone Number to make profits and develop, you can only rely on the part of cross-industry robbery. Darkness Chen Cang Senior: Kodak In the history of business, a once-successful “successful” Ming Xiu plank road, dark Chencang “The player El Salvador Phone Numbers was Kodak. At that time, with the maturity of camera technology, a trend was that the price would become cheaper and cheaper, which of course meant a reduction in the profit of the manufacturer.

The Maturity of Camera Technology El Salvador Phone Number

Kodak has done a great job publishing camera patents in large numbers, for free! Any manufacturer can enter the field of camera manufacturing with a low threshold, and Kodak has also received crazy praise from the public (huh? Do you think of Tesla’s disclosure of a large number El Salvador Phone Number of battery patents a few days ago? Hey~) However, these are all “Mingxiu Plank Roads” “part.Cheap sale! None of you want to sell expensive. The cheaper the camera, the easier it is for people to become El Salvador Phone Number photography consumers. It makes a lot of  money and monopolizes photography. Most of the profits in the field.

The Cheaper the Camera El Salvador Phone Number

El Salvador Phone Number
El Salvador Phone Number

As a result, everyone can see that Kodak has enjoyed a hundred years! Except for the high-premium products at the top of the pyramid, such as SLRs, those who produce ordinary cameras are really sad reminders, the profits are as thin as paper, and the profit from selling one is not as good as two films. After all, they are El Salvador Phone Number all working for Kodak… In the end, Kodak died on the wave of digital photography transformation, forgetting the magic trick of the year. Professional managers locked the El Salvador Phone Numbers digital imaging patent created by Kodak in the safe. Still making money from film, and finally… When the O2O Darkness Chencang is in progress…

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